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Donning cat-eye spectacles and funky facial expressions, Wong is like the aunt we never had.

Wong has this unique ability to make us squeamish and roar with laughter at the same time. She did not fail in this regard during the Homecoming Show at UMD Oct. 11, as she sauntered out wearing a Comme des Garcons shirt and a pleated skirt. With no hesitation whatsoever, Wong launched into a hilarious act about gender, sexuality (mostly sex), and culture while maintaining a layer of feminism tucked underneath.

Now, that may be a turn-off to some, but Ali Wong is neither a "feminazi" nor bland. Wong keeps it real, and while some of her stuff does get rated-R, she does it unabashedly so. At first, her humor may seem superficial, but never does it fail to make us think question and challenge society. Wong deftly turns us on our heads without our ever realizing because we are too busy wiping away tears of laughter.

Wong rose to fame through her Netflix specials, "Baby Cobra" and "Hard Knock Wife," both of which center around motherhood. It's only appropriate because, in them, Wong is heavily pregnant. Yet, she is able to be universal with her humor. During the Homecoming Show, there was no surfeit of topics of A through Z, and every student cheered and whooped; it was glorious.

As one of the handful of Asian-American comedians and one of the few Asian-American female comics in the scene, Ali Wong has a lot riding on her shoulders. However, she just keeps getting bigger and better. For one, she doesn't only talk about race and ethnicity, she doesn't only talk about Asian-American issues, and she doesn't shy away from the gross realities of society. It's the reason why she has so many fans, all of them ranging from mothers to high school students.

To see Ali Wong in person was a breath of fresh air. Her show was like an escape from reality but also an awakening to the raw reality. I walked out of that theater with a sore stomach from laughing and my brain whirring from all the points that she had made. To have a comedian do that in just an hour is nothing short of legendary.

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