After just receiving and setting up my new Google Home, I figured I should compare it with my family's Alexa, which we've had for a few months now. Here is a brief overview of the two smart speakers, for those who are looking to purchase one in the future and would like more information on the similarities and differences between the two.

First, I find both speakers to be incredibly sleek and modern in their appearance. However in my personal opinion, I find the Google Home to be slightly more bright and airy, in comparison to the Alexa, which is more industrial looking.

Also, although there may need to be some "newness" kinks worked out with its speed and connectivity, my Google Home has been slightly glitch-y. It will randomly stop in the middle of a song, or, when I have just turned it off, will suddenly start playing a station. Also, the app was very slow and took me a long time to get a song to play. Alexa has been much more reliable and consistent with its playback, but I am hoping the Google Home will improve once it has established a clear connection.

One feature about Google Home that I am impressed with is its ability to turn off the microphone easily, with the touch of a button. This is a nice safety feature, as it allows the user to have privacy when wanted, something which is becoming more and more difficult with new technologies.

I find the speaker sound to be pretty excellent in both, although I will probably gather a better opinion after a few more months of comparison. Perhaps in a few months, I will write an updated article on which one I prefer, but in the meantime, I have to say that I think Alexa is the better option.