Growing up, "Aladdin" was my favorite Disney movie. Everything in the movie made me fall in love with it and made me believe in magic and made Disney my favorite. Even today, I am always down to watch a Disney movie and am always down for a Disney marathon. That's why, even when now, the thought of watching Aladdin makes me happy and can lift up my spirits instantaneously.

Be it the songs, the friendships or the humor in the movie, everything made me happy.

That's why when I was in London with my family and my father asked me whether I wanted to watch a Disney musical I knew I could not say no and when he asked me to choose between the Lion King and Aladdin my choice was made. (I mean I love Lion king too but Aladdin is my all time favorite)

And the experience was out of this world. It was a magical and charming experience and transported me to "a whole new world"

I had never seen a musical before and had only heard of them so when I knew I was going to watch a live musical I knew it was going to be amazing and was more excited than I could express.

And from the first step into the theatre, I knew this was going to be a night I would never forget

I do not know whether it was the performances, the songs or the sheer fact that I was watching my favorite Disney movie Live (teamed with jet lag, I hardly slept on the flight there), the experience was amazing and something that can never be replaced. I know it was only a Disney musical and is not something as exciting and big as it appears to be for me but that day sitting in that theatre, watching my favorite Disney princess come to life I actually felt magic.

Magic is not something only in books, magic is something that makes us happy, lifts our spirits and makes us feel complete.

For me, magic is something that makes me believe and makes me content.

I felt magic sitting in that seat in the theatre, watching two actors enliven Aladdin and while it may have been my love for Disney, magic, or even the fact that Jasmin is one of the coolest Disney princesses ever. (I mean she has a pet tiger.)

But for me magic was happiness. The happiness of being there with my family and enjoying something that we all truly cherish