Chewacla State Park located just on the outskirts of Auburn is the perfect place for a day adventure in Auburn. Whether you enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, or just love the outdoors and are looking for somewhere to enjoy being outside, Chewacla is a great place to spend the day.

Originally the land was occupied by Wright's Mill and people could swim in the surrounding pool. In the 1930s as part of FDR's New Deal, the CCC developed roads, foot trails, and park buildings. Their efforts can be seen in the park's stone cabins and arched masonry bridge. They also constructed the dam that created Chewacla Lake. As they did in many parks around the country during that time to give young men jobs. The state took possession, opening the grounds as Chewacla State Park, in 1939.

The park trails are perfect for those who like to hike or mountain bike and the swimming area is fun for all ages. There are even areas for rent and RV camping if you want to spend the night! A park is also a great place for college students to get away from the stress of school and come enjoy the outdoors with friends. Whether you live close by or just visiting Auburn for the weekend, Chewacla is a must visit during your stay in Auburn!