Air Frying Is The Best Frying

You know, there are a lot of inventions that make life easier.

Laptops so you don't have to fire up the desktop every time you want to get online. Cell phones so you don't have to be near a landline at all hours of the day.

And now, air fryers. So you can make frying even that much more fun. Frying things is already enjoyable because you get to eat it after you fry it.

And now they've come up with an invention that fries things without us knowing how!

Honestly, have you seen an air fryer? It's impossible to know how it works!! You're used to using oil and frying things like normal people usually do (unless you're my friend and didn't know frying things outside of an actual restaurant was possible), not using a machine to circulate hot air around it so it can possibly get a crispy effect (I looked up how it actually works).

A couple of friends of mine did buy an air fryer, and just like I would do it, they are frying everything. A quote from one of them was "If it can be fried, it will be fried."

And the device raises so many questions. Are these things really being fried, or is just the illusion that it is? If it really is being fried, why are we still using regular fryers? I bet you're not walking into McDonald's seeing them frying those fries of theirs with an air fryer.

Something tells me that they wouldn't taste quite the same if that were the case.

I've heard that one benefit of an air fryer is that the meals are healthier since nothing is actually being fried.

My thing is if you're buying and/or using an air fryer, you most definitely aren't looking for anything healthy. So you might as well commit and just put candy in there or something.

Just like he said, if it can be fried, it should be fried.

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