5 Jobs AI Robots Are Taking Over
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5 Jobs AI Robots Are Taking Over

Say goodbye to these common jobs.

5 Jobs AI Robots Are Taking Over

Elon Musk has revolutionized how we drive cars with the creation of Tesla and with the introduction of Sophia The Robot, there is no telling what the world will be like in the future. Here are some jobs that this new technology will soon take over:

1. Cashiers


Panera Bread and McDonald's already have self ordering machines and soon all companies will eliminate their cashiers with similar machines. All a store will need to have is a supervisor for the machines.

2. Accountants 


The capacity of an AI robot is larger than the human brain and that is why they will serve as more efficient accountants.

3. Paralegals


The role of a paralegal is to research the laws behind a case and provide the information to the lawyer, this task can be rather long depending on the case. With an AI robot lawyers wouldn't need a paralegal and could have all the information they need in seconds.

4. Editors


The role of an editor is to read articles and books before they are published and make sure there are no errors, this task can range from weeks to months. An AI robot could do this task in a couple of seconds and would save publishing and newspaper companies time and money.

5. Customer Service Employees


Companies will no longer need people to answer customer service calls because it won't be necessary to hire a 100 people to answer calls for a company when one system would be more efficient.

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