'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Is The Season Fans Have Been Waiting For

'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' Is The Season We've All Been Waiting For

Our two favorite seasons are combined in one.


What's a better way to start off the spooky season than a new season premiere of American Horror Story? We are continuously surprised each and every season with insane plot twists and character developments, but I think this season will stand out the most.

This article contains spoilers.

This eighth season of AHS is called "Apocalypse," and it includes a crossover of "Murder House," season one, and "Coven," season three. These two seasons by themselves were compelling enough, but now that they are combined who knows what will be thrown at us.

Ryan Murphy, the producer of AHS and Indiana University alumnus, never fails us by tweeting or posting Instagram clues that correlate with the upcoming season.

This Instagram post was just many of the clues posted by Murphy which included the iconic Sarah Paulson who will be returning this season along with Evan Peters. Paulson and Peters are the only characters that have been featured in every season of the exhilarating series.

Another post leading up to the season premiere is a group photo that should probably go into history books. Paulson, Stevie Knicks, and Lily Rabe pose together for a photo with a caption talking about their return and spells relating to the "Coven," season.

Ryan Murphy on Instagram: “The Return. Cordelia, Stevie and Misty casting a bewitching spell.”

Both seasons, "Murder House," and "Coven," left off with a dangling plot in which all viewers want answers to. Many actors and actresses will be returning to "Apocalypse," such as Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Adina Porter, and Leslie Grossman.

Also, unlike last season's "Cult," whose setting was based on our 2016 election, "Apocalypse," will be based in the future, late 2019 to be exact.

"It's a season unlike anything we've done because there's a big hook to it. There's a huge thing that happens in episode five," says Murphy.

The season premiere was on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, and Murphy has done it again, leaving viewers in just pure shock.

The first episode starts off with everyone receiving an alert on their phone that a missile will be hitting them soon, and then it all goes downhill and chaos begins. Families are being separated, planes are being flown by themselves, and a new world is in the making.

Some tweets from viewers describe this season premiere perfectly.

You get to see Paulson back in action with her creepiness and all, along with Peters accomplishing yet another unique role. You also get to see new characters, and a "returning," much older than before character.

This kick-off episode couldn't have gone any better, it was suspenseful and already full of mystery. The viewers are ready to see what happens next, and how "Apocalypse," will continue.

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