What Happens After College?
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Student Life

What Happens After College?

College is a fun and exciting experience.

What Happens After College?
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College is a fun and an exciting experience. But after you graduate college, you enter the real world and become a responsible adult.

It can seem scary. But, no worries. Everyone makes it out alive.

After you receive that very expensive paper with your name on it in fancy font, also known as your diploma, you feel like taking on the world.

After graduation, you have all summer to rest your brain. Yes, your last summer will go by fast.

Then it’s time to go out in the world and put in all that hard work. You also have have college debt to pay off. Bummer right?

Summer is over, now you’re either job searching or figuring out when to take your test to be licensed in your profession, or both. Job searching can be a pain in anyone's rear.

When job searching, you have to know where to look. But, before you start job searching make sure your cover letter and resume are perfect with absolutely NO spelling errors.

When you start job searching you notice the job qualifications require 10 years experience, a Master's Degree, etc.


You keep job searching, you apply for some that strike an interest and that you are highly qualified for. Couple of weeks later, you get a call to come in for an interview.


Remember before you go into an interview for a professional job make sure you are dressed professionally. This is very important. As they always say, dress for success.

Also do your homework, by this I mean to prepare yourself for interview questions and your answers to the questions. Google search interview questions, grab a buddy and do a mock interview. Interviews are important when getting a job offer.

Also, write down any questions you might have for the individual interviewing you. Not too many questions, but some to show that you are interested in this job and want this job.

When showing up for a job interview have extra copies of your resume on hand, just in case there are other people in the office joining in on your job interview. No, your charming good looks is not your resume. Sorry, Charlie.

Sometimes you don’t get offered the job after you complete your first interview and that is okay. Just keep your eyes and ears open for anymore openings. Have an opened mind and have confidence.

It’s hard to get a job after college, well for me it is. I’m still in the process of obtaining my license to practice social work and after graduating over a year ago, I’m STILL job searching. Good luck in your job searching and on your test (if you have to take one)!

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