Affordable Christmas List For Anyone Student Teaching

If you know anyone who is becoming a teacher, you know that they love receiving classroom gifts. Although they won't be in their own classroom just yet, they are preparing to enter the career in just six short months. And, of course, even student teachers can use these 15 gifts:

1. Post-It Easel Pad

This gift is perfect or any lesson or even morning meetings!

Amazon - $16

2. PaperMate Felt Tip Pens

Trust me, teachers love using these pens to grade and make to do lists. Their eyes will light up if they open these on Christmas morning!

Amazon - $20

3. A Laminator

Another hot item for any future or current teacher!

Amazon - $32

4. Sticky notes in various shapes and colors. 

Every teacher needs sticky notes. Bottom line.

Staples - $5 to $15

5. A Lanyard

Great for any teacher!

Natural Life - $12

6. Anything from the Target dollar section

Trust me when I say any teacher would appreciate anything from this section.

Target - $1 to $5

7. Fresh highlighters

For all those Type-A teachers out there. Can you say color coding?

Amazon - $8

8. Gift cards for shopping

Just, yes. They will love it.

Target - $25 to $50

9. A new lunchbox

Every teacher loves a stylish lunch bag!

31 Bags - $38

10. Manipulatives like Base-10 Blocks and Unifix Cubes

These are great for any teacher when teaching math!

Hand2Mind - $20

12. A new teacher bag

Perfect for the day to day tasks!

Personalization - $20

13. Cute teacher mugs

For the long nights!

Personalization - $10

15. Support. 

Teachers need your support!

Any teacher would love these gifts, but especially student teachers!

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