Sometimes life can be extremely overwhelming. You feel stuck, exhausted, and just downright beaten up by life. You think things might not get better. It's hard to see past today's difficulties, isn't it?

I asked a bunch of people if they could give their younger selves a piece of advice that they wish they could have heard when they were going through those tough times.

Here's what a few of them said:

1. "There will be times in college where everything seems impossible, but you will make it."

2. "Don't dwell on what people think of you. It's not worth it at the end of the day."

3. "Do not let others tell you who you really are. Don't let them dictate your happiness."

4. "Don't be so afraid of trying to please everyone. Remember your needs are just as important."

5. "Your fitness journey is your own. Stop comparing yourself to those next to you!"

6. "It is better to be alone than to settle for someone who is making you unhappy."

7. "Don't worry about dating. Make sure you are comfortable with who you are. Everything else will follow."

8. "'Luminous beings are we, not this crude matters.'"

9. "Don't internalize what other people believe you can or cannot do. You are capable of doing anything your heart desires."

10. "Stop comparing yourself to other people. Just be you."

11. "Don't stress over things you can't control!"

12. "Be patient and persistent."

13. "Everything is going to be just fine :)."

Everything truly is going to be just fine. I hope these people's words of advice may inspire you today and every day forward.