The Advantages and Uses of High Voltage Testing Equipment
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The Advantages and Uses of High Voltage Testing Equipment

The Advantages and Uses of High Voltage Testing Equipment

The use of high voltage testing equipment is commonplace in industrial applications for testing and preventative maintenance of power cables and electrical apparatus. High voltage testing is deemed essential to ensure the products and appliances are functioning properly. It is routine for manufacturers to perform insulation tests on their products before they are made available to the end users. Regular insulation checks are recommended even in low voltage systems and high voltage testing becomes a legal requirement in the case of portable appliances. It is essential to understand the insulation testing process and how the high voltage testing equipment will react.

When a piece of insulator is applied with the test voltage, the current will flow to a value close to zero. This is an assurance that the current capability of the instrument is sufficient for fully charging the item being tested. High voltage testing equipment can be very beneficial because it aids in determining the load of the instrument. Diagnostic testing, such as done by Cortek Solutions, is performed for this purpose. Manufacturers make use of high voltage testing equipment for testing an electrical appliance and record the results. If the insulation resistance doesn’t hold steady and fluctuates in the readings, it indicates there is a fault with the appliance.

This can be immensely useful for manufacturers because it highlights a potential problem before the item is shipped out to the customer. The manufacturer can investigate and fix the issue before it becomes a serious fault. However, in the case the resistance values stay consistent, then the appliance can be given a clean bill of health and deemed ready for sale. In this way, the use of high voltage testing equipment can be extremely beneficial in preventative maintenance and eliminating the problems and costs associated with breakdowns of electrical appliances and other similar products. These days, it is not difficult to find a wide array of high voltage testing equipment that not only conduct the test, but can also store results.

Most of the electrical failures that occur these days are due to a spike in voltage. It starts small, but frequent fluctuation in voltage can damage a number of electrical appliances, which can be very costly. It is a never-ending problem and one that can only be prevented when high voltage testing equipment is used. Before the use of this equipment, such problems went untraced, but with them, manufacturers can determine if their appliances can withstand fluctuations without getting permanently damaged and take appropriate measures to ensure it.

The use of high voltage testing equipment has become widespread in various industries for the purpose of accident recreation, failure analysis, performance testing and dielectric testing. The types of appliances and products that are tested with high voltage testing equipment include generators, electrical insulation elements, transformers, transmission lines, grounding accessories and gears, circuit breakers and switch gears amongst others. The services of high voltage testing include study and analysis of the existing power system, electric preventative maintenance, acceptance testing and welding and machining of damaged or broken electric equipment.

The top priority of high voltage testing equipment is safety. When you are working with anything electrical, you have to have not just one, but also a redundant and backup safety plan. It is vital to remember that electricity has the power to kill; low voltage delivers a shock whereas high voltage will simply hold you to it while it courses through your body and this is fatal in most cases. The high voltage testing equipment can help in ensuring the electrical appliances are equipped to handle voltage fluctuations and protect people from accidents and injuries that may occur otherwise.

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