7 Advantages Of Going To A Community College First Then A University Later
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7 Advantages Of Going To A Community College First Then A University Later

I personally think starting out with a community college is the best option for high school graduates.

7 Advantages Of Going To A Community College First Then A University Later

I personally think starting out with a community college right out of high school is the best option for secondary school graduates. I mean, 4-year colleges and universities will provide you with the best education you will ever get but in my own personal experience, I’ll stan for the idea of starting out with a community college then transferring to a university because there are so many perks (guaranteed) about that idea.

1. Affordable

You will have less amount of student loans to pay back. Also, expenses like room and board will not be necessary since you will have the choice of staying with family while attending classes.

2. Small class sizes

You will find it very comforting that class sizes will be smaller than those of 4-year colleges and universities. Also, this will enable you to receive a more personalized attention from a professor or an instructor instead of being known as just a "number."

3. Less competition

You will also learn that due to the small class sizes of community colleges, there will be less competition then. Those high-achievers you had to compete against in high school will most definitely be off to “more competitive” 4-year colleges and universities so you will be fine and you will be having a fresh start to your academic record since your mediocre cumulative GPA from high school has stayed behind in high school so…exhale.

4. Great for undecided students

Community colleges are great for you if you are undecided. You know, you are still in the beginning stages of postsecondary-ism and you are torn between following your passion and choosing a field that is lucrative. Community colleges will give you that beforehand experience that will hone you and mature you up to make you finally make your decision on what your career path will be upon graduation. Yup.

There will always be the likelihood of you transferring to a university with your mind made up when you are done with your community college education. That’s why I think community colleges are the best for those of us who are still trying to decide on what to pursue in the future!

5. Laid-back atmosphere

I have always thought that community colleges are more laid-back in terms of their atmospheres and how they conduct themselves. When I was attending Pierce College of Fort Steilacoom in Washington State, I always felt the calmness of the campus and the students. There was like this peaceful aura to it that made my time there smooth and less stressful.

Since it was smaller than a university, the services were always accessible. And some of their fees were also lower. I don’t know, I enjoyed my studies at Pierce College so much I would do anything to go back to those days. Anything!

6. Ideal for halftime/part-time students

Community colleges are so laid-back that they are indeed recommendable to those of us who have to work to 1) support ourselves and/or our families; 2) pay for our education or us who cannot handle coursework pressure and need extra time off. Whatever your situation is, community colleges will always be there for you for as long as you plan to take classes there.

7. Ideal for those prone to homesickness

And finally, just from personal experience, community colleges since they are everywhere (even in your hometown), are a great option for those of us who are easily homesick. Since there is noted evidence that some students cannot complete their freshmen year at a university, this is where community colleges come up handy in that they definitely make such individuals feel at ease and complete their first two years of postsecondary education.

So there you have them folks! My 7 reasons as to why I think 2-year colleges (community colleges) are the best for you after you graduate from high school. It worked for me so I am positive it will work out for you too. Later!

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