"One day you're in, one day you're out:"
One day my parents handed me money. The next, they were telling me I was responsible for coming up with a solution to pay for the remaining amount of my college tuition. Approximately 20 thousand dollars.

Resolutions to taking out a loan and taking financial responsibility

"Step by step"

1. Make an appointment with your school's financial aid office

2. Request to review the sum of your current loan status

3. Call the banking institution to discuss loan option (keeping in mind the lower the interest rate THE BETTER.)

4. Enroll in the loan approval process with the bank's loan specialist

5. Follow up by creating a personal budget upon income v. monthly expenses

"Not all people are good people:"
One day I learned not all people, are good people. When innocent women, too close to my life, were murdered.

Resolutions to navigating emotional side effects of female violence and death

1. Don't feel guilty if you experience a numb feeling when it comes to death

2. Pray that wellness finds sick people

3. Remind yourself of all the love the world offers

4. Purchase a self-defense tool & learn how to use it

5. Exercise your youthful physique and become stronger

"Validation isn't necessary"

One day I felt empowered to do what I believe in

Resolutions to feel empowered

1. Get a tattoo

2. Color your hair

3. Dance your ass off in front of a crowd

4. Sing louder than the song

5. Speak your mind

"Love is real, we shouldn't settle"
One day I recognized my ability to love hard

Resolutions to understanding potential dangers of love

1. Slow down

2. Evaluate skills/ talents/ gifts

3. Tell yourself you are worthy of a raw and natural love story

4. Be in love with yourself

5. Make note of what you love about others and look for that in a potential lover

One day you will feel strength for being resilient

Resolutions to attaining resiliency:

1. Only look back once

2. Appreciate failure as an opportunity for growth

3. Find happiness every day

4. Love the people you surround yourself with and embrace their support

5. Get back up victoriously every time you fall