"Being an adult is the dumbest thing I have ever done"

1. You pay your own bills (on time)

From rent, car payments, and insurance to coffee orders and credit card payments, we pay it all now.

2.  Your metabolism changes

I think about a chocolate shake and my a$$ jiggles for a week.

3. You suffer from back pain and other various types of body pain

And other various types of body pain. Knee pain, neck pain, stomach pain, my whole body is in pain.

4. You handle your sh*t on your own

Because you're an adult now and can't call mom and dad every time a road block comes up.

5. Your bedtime changes

You used to be able to stay up until 6 a.m. But now you can't make it past 9 p.m. Any night of the week.

6. Your alcohol tolerance isn't where it used to be

You used to be able to down 14 shots of tequila in one sitting and be fine. Now after one glass of wine you're ptfo.

7. You'd rather stay in than go out

You've traded your nights out for cozy nights in with your fur babies.

8. You call people instead of texting

Because it's easier to call your friends office phone and ask them for dinner than it is to text them and wait all day for a response.

9. Every time you buy something you think, "That $50 Naked pallet from sephora costs as much as 5 hours of work." 

Is it worth it?

10. You have your very own Netflix account

No more sharing it with mom, dad, and all of your siblings.