I was told that my time in college would really “fly by”, but I didn't fully understand or appreciate just how quick my time here at West Chester would feel.

My first semester sure seemed fast, but the second semester feels as if it almost didn't happen at all!

It is extremely hard to believe that my freshman year will be coming to a close within the next week. It feels so recent that I was moving all of my clothes, bedding, food, and pictures, into a vacant dorm room. But soon enough, this dorm room will become vacant once more as I pack up all of my belongings and head home for the summer.

I have to say that I am very thankful for how well my first year away from home has gone.

For the most part, it was a smooth transition from high school to college, and from living at home to living away. And I am proud of myself for doing so well with my school work while juggling all of the elements of settling into a new place and becoming accustomed to such a new lifestyle here at West Chester University.

Though there are some parts of my first year I wish had turned out differently, I really wouldn't change a thing. I learned so much about myself throughout my year here, and now I am able to reflect on what I can try to do differently next semester.

It has all been a wonderful learning experience and I am grateful for all that I have come to realize about myself and others, throughout my time as a freshman.

And while I am extremely excited to go home for summer vacation, I will certainly miss it here at the University.

I will miss the awesome people that I have met and become great friends with throughout the year.

I will miss strolling around the welcoming and busy campus on bright, sunny days.

I will miss the convenience of having everything I need, right in walking distance.

I will miss my cute little dorm room, and my super kind and considerate roommate.

And I will certainly miss the beautiful town of West Chester borough.

With that said, these are just some of the things that make me look forward to come back and start my sophomore year in the fall.

I can't wait to become even more involved with my school and hopefully delve into my perspective major; psychology. I am excited to meet even more great people and see all that West Chester has to offer.

But for now, it's time to pack up my belongings, and head back to good ‘ole North Wales for a few months. It is time to rekindle with my family and all of my highschool friends, while enjoying a summer of relaxation, work, and adventure.

But to any incoming college students, cherish your time at school because if you don't stop to take it in, it'll go by in a heartbeat.

I know I have only finished my freshman year, but at the speed that these two semesters seemed to fly by, I can only imagine how quickly the next three years will come and go.