10 Most Addicting Foods

10 Most Addicting Foods

Pringles, Oreos, peanuts, you name it. We all have those food items we know we can't get enough of.


You ever grab a can of Pringles telling yourself that you'll only eat five or so, and then look down and realize that the whole thing is empty? Me too. Food is an interesting and amazing thing. Some food items we can barely stand while others are like a drug to us. There're some foods that are just so darn addicting that you end up having way too much of it. I don't know what's in the ingredients that make it so good and irresistible. Whatever it contains is making my waist just a little bigger every day it seems. I should stop but like I said they're addicting. I've constructed a list of some of the most addicting food items so that you know what to steer clear of. 😉

1. Cheez Doodles

No matter the brand or type of cheese puff you prefer, these bad boys will have you questioning your decision to skip the gym. Cheez doodles are dangerous because they come in big bags and are easy to eat. I'm not sure which part is more addicting: eating the actual cheese puff or licking the residue off your fingers afterward?

2. Chips

Pringles, Doritos, Lays, you name it. It doesn't matter which one you prefer because they are all soo addicting. Whether you're just lounging around or cramming for a final, these chips will be there for you to shove down your throat 20 times over. I'm pretty sure I could eat an entire bag of Doritos in about 5 minutes... Oh wait, I already have.

3. French Fries

Whether you eat the entire thing or you break off the ends, fries are too good to only eat a couple. You might find that the large fries you ordered at McDonald's has disappeared by the time you get home.

4. Peanuts

So salty. So addicting.

5. Ritz Crackers

It doesn't matter if you buy a snack size pack or an entire box, these crackers will be devoured within minutes. I've tried to only take a few and put the rest away, but every time I find myself going right back into my snack drawer for more.

6. Cookies

Ah, cookies. They are probably my favorite kind of junk food and with a lot of different varieties to choose from, I find myself getting addicted to quite a few kinds. Chips Ahoy and Oreos are especially addicting when paired with milk while others such as Fudge Stripes are good on their own.

7. Cereal

Some people may find this one surprising, but I think that certain cereals are quite savory and addicting. Ever find yourself pouring just a little bit more into your bowl after you've finished? That's the addiction taking control.

8. Chocolate

I think this one is kind of a given unless you are one of the few people who don't like chocolate that much. (I am most definitely not one of those people.) On a side note, I'm starting to notice a trend here. Seems all the addicting foods are the ones that aren't healthy for you. *shrugs*

9. Miniature Foods

When I say miniature foods, I'm talking about both candy and actual food. You've for candy like mini M&M's and the mini bags of different candies they've got out now. Who knew that candy could be even more addicting in miniature form?! Besides the junk food, I also think of finger foods such as pigs in a blanket or the even better option of pigs in bacon (or pigs in a pig as I like to call it). Basically, anything small that you can easily pop into your mouth about 20 times before realizing you have a problem.

10. Girl Scouts

I'll be honest that when I say Girl Scout cookies I kind of just mean the Thin Mints. None of the other flavors really appeal to me, but I know a lot of people who scarf them all down in one sitting. Whenever it's time to buy some boxes from the troops, your wallet becomes empty and your tummy becomes full.

Let me know if I missed any obvious ones or if there are some unique foods that you just can't get enough of! Go forth and binge eat as you binge-watch Netflix.

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