9 Signs You're Addicted To Online Shopping Your Credit Card Agrees With
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Student Life

9 Signs You're Addicted To Online Shopping Your Credit Card Agrees With

It's not a problem, it's a hobby, OK?

9 Signs You're Addicted To Online Shopping Your Credit Card Agrees With
Sami Newland

I am so good at online shopping that once my friend sent me a screenshot of a pair of velvet blue booties and I found them, with a discount, in less than five minutes, and without a single lead. Dangerous or impressive? You tell me. My roommates think I have a problem, but while living in the fashion desert of Bellingham, I have to get creative when curating my closet. Thus, online shopping has become one of my favorite hobbies.

If you are living in a small college town but also feel passionate about testing out new trends, you might recognize some of these symptoms:

1. Your Gmail inbox is flooded with messages from every online shop you’ve ever bought something from because you just had to get that 10% off.

So is your yahoo account, school email, and the email account you set up just to get discounts.

2. You have your credit card number memorized.

3. The ads on your computer can’t even keep up with your habits.

Henny, I bought those completely unnecessary shiny pink booties three days ago. You’re a little too late.

4. You know every store that has a student discount.

5. You’re more likely to be welcomed home by a package on the front steps than your actual, living roommates.

6. You have mastered figuring out your size without trying something on.

OK so, I’m a 26 in Urban Outfitters denim, a 25 in Paige denim, and a 24 in Forever21 denim so that equals a 27 in All Saints denim, right?

7. You never have to enter your shipping or billing information because every site has it saved already.

Also, your mom and dad’s addresses are saved in case you’re home and your BFF's address in LA. Due to that one time, you couldn’t get through your week-long vacation without those gold heart-shaped hoop earrings from Kate Spade.

8. All your friends come to you when they are in need of something specific, as you know the hidden gems.

Do you need a cheap but trendy swimsuit? American Eagle.

Low-cost formal wear? Lulu’s.

Festival wear? Nasty Gal.

Fashion forward boots for less than $50? Public Desire.

Sunglasses like Kendall Jenner at a fraction of the price? Juniper & Blanc.

I've gotcha, fam.

9. You always have at least five browser tabs open with carts full of things you really don’t need… Or do you?

*Hits check out* Oops :-)

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