We Need A Holiday For Act Like A Kid Again Day

I am declaring a day this year where everyone gets to act like a kid again. No work. No school assignments. No paperwork.

We will start our morning with wildberry pop tarts and Zabomafoo on tv. Or maybe we can make a blend of 20 different kinds of cereal into our colored bowls with built-in straws.

Following the morning rituals, you'll have a fort building contest with your siblings. You will pick the perfect table in the basement and fling your self-tied fleece blanket over the top and onto the chairs. Lining the outside with pillows, you craft the perfect sign. Mine is "Kort's Fort".

You get to hide all morning in your fort away from the necessities and responsibilities of adult life. There's no taxes or emails to respond to. You can even have nap time!

Coloring is next on the agenda. Let your imagination soar. There are no "adult coloring books" or paint by number. There is no recipe for a beautiful masterpiece. Just you and your mind.

Lunch consists of Fruit by the Foot, Uncrustable PB&J, clementine cuties, and cucumbers with smiley faces cut out. You don't have to worry about your paleo keto whole 30 bullshit salad because it's Kid Day!

The rest of the afternoon is filled doing whatever you wanted to do as a kid. Going to the park and swinging, playing littlest pet shop, having a GI Joe war, are just a few examples.

Play a game. Fly a kite. Play tag with some friends - let them know why you're playing though to save an awkward encounter.

The purpose for Kid day is let yourself be free from being an adult, even if it's just for a day. Don't be afraid to be naive and love the world for what it is - a playground.

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