Whether you were working every day, traveling abroad or taking summer classes, everyone gets at least just a tad bitter when summer comes to an end. And even though this means the legendary "football season" is underway, this also means so are classes. No normal human would rather open up their Moodle page instead of opening up Netflix, not even those who are ready for summer to end. No one would rather sit in a stale classroom than sit in a pool. These are just facts. So, if you're like most students, here are probably a few feelings that you have had in the last few days of summer.

1. Nervousness


Just thinking of having to introduce yourself to your class and answer that impossible question of "what's a fun fact about yourself?" to a random group of strangers (yes, some college professors make you do this) immediately unnerves me.

2. Regret


Remember when summer first started and you had a million adventures planned? Remember how your bank account and work schedule prevented you from doing any of those fun things and now summer is over? Yeah, so does every other college student.

3. Panic


"Wait...classes start next week?!"

4. Excitement


Only a rare group of students feel this: graduating seniors, some incoming freshmen, and students who get really excited about buying school supplies.

5. Stress


*Internally screaming*

Just thinking about the endless loads of school work that lies ahead can make any student stress out.

6. Urgency


This feeling relates to those who are desperately trying to finish out their last summer days in a bang and go all out.

7. Desperation


This is for the students who are counting down the days they have left of their sweet summer time and are desperately trying to hold on to them.

8. Acceptance


Once you finally accept that the fall semester is coming and there is nothing you can do about.

9. Ambition


For the students who are determined that "this is their year" and that they will finally get that 4.0, they have been striving for.

10. Nostalgia

For the students who had a bomb-ass summer and all they can do is look back on it and sigh.