We Have The Ability To Change The World, Every Little Bit Counts

We Have The Ability To Change The World, Every Little Bit Counts

You can start little and watch it grow.

If you were given the opportunity to change the world in the drop of a hat, would you do it? You could change anything you want. You change little things or big things. You could change leaders, rules, poverty, anything you want. Would you do it?

Perhaps, but think about how it would affect us. Think about the lives of people who you do not know. What if the thing(s) you decide to change is/are important to them or necessary. What if you decide to take away all sicknesses, but little did you know those sicknesses have made some of these people who they are.

You could take away debt from students or people in general. Now, that would be fantastic. Who wants to live their life in student-debt? You could take away the worry from those people and leave them with a peaceful mind.

What if you could change the world by getting rid of disasters that cause people to lose their home or loved ones? We could live in a world where the pain isn't a daily thing. We could live in a world where we don't wake up and come home to the news saying another school shooting has happened. We won't have to live in a world where we are so used to hearing about yet another fatal event.

You could sit at the desk in the library, and stop the pain students are feeling. You could help people realize how broken this world is. Or you could make an endless amount of snow cones.

What if you could change the world by smiling at people? Would you do it? Simply smiling at someone could send smile after smile off. It seems like it wouldn't do much but look at it in the long term. One smile sets off another and another.

Changing the world is more than everyone knowing your name. It is more than making a large impression in life to make a difference. Changing the world comes in many forms. What would the world look like if you made a change, whether it was noticeable or not to the naked eye?

If you could change the world, would you start small and go bigger or start big and get smaller? You have the power to do anything all in the palm of your hands. You could get rid of global warming or create some weird invention. What would you do?

I want you to know something. You don't need to be some big, macho, person to change the world. You don't need to have a huge "event" to make a difference. All you need is yourself. You can start small. You can start with a smile. You can start with encouraging words. You can start little and watch it grow.

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To My Person Who Never Left

Some weren't meant to stay, but you weren't meant to leave.

I have met so many people throughout my life who were temporary. We had become close and made amazing memories in the past, but they were meant to stay there, in the past. I understand that not everyone is meant to stay with us forever, and it is totally normal for people to go their separate ways. Some of us grow apart, and that's okay. Sometimes, people are meant to leave.

But you never left.

When I first met you, I had no idea how much you would actually do for me. I thought of you as just another person in my life who was passing through, and eventually, we would drift apart. I am so incredibly lucky that I was wrong.

You have been there for me for so many important events in my life. You've celebrated with me through the good, stood by me through the bad, and supported me through the times I struggled. You have seen me at my best times and my worst. I love that I am able to call you at any hour, and I always know that your voice will be on the other end of the phone. You have always been my biggest cheerleader and I love you for that.

I also love that I am able to tell you anything and everything. I could text you whatever is on my mind, and you will respond--no matter how outrageous it is. You accept my weird habits and my strange thoughts. Most importantly, you accept me. You are able to handle my ridiculous personality, and I think that deserves an award.

The best part about our relationship is that distance doesn't change us. While I prefer not to, we are able to spend time away from each other and pick up right where we left off. It is so easy to lose connection with someone when there are miles between us, but that never happened to us. This just goes to show how close that we are, and how strong our friendship has grown.

It's hard to say how much you have changed me, because it is impossible to see where I would be without you in my life. But I can honestly say my life wouldn't be the same without you. I wouldn't have as many happy memories that I can look back on when I'm sad. I wouldn't have as many jokes I can think about when I'm having a bad day. I wouldn't have your encouraging words running through my head when I get overwhelmed.

And I wouldn't have a relationship that I valued so much.

I know that wherever my life takes me, or wherever your life takes you, we will never actually cut each other off. We have been through so much together, and I'm confident that nothing could break us at this point.

I am so beyond thankful that you, of all people, have stayed. I never knew how much you would mean to me, but I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Thank you for being not just my person, but my person who never left.

Cover Image Credit: https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwj79POMrJTLAhVEGB4KHbBNAUcQjRwIBw&url=%2Furl%3Fsa%3Di%26rct%3Dj%26q%3D%26esrc%3Ds%26source%3Dimages%26cd%3D%26cad%3Drja%26uact%3D8%26ved%3D0ahUKEwj79POMrJTLAhVEGB4KHbBNAUcQjRwIBw%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Ffavim.com%252Fimage%252F2717164%252F%26bvm%3Dbv.115339255%2Cd.d2s%26psig%3DAFQjCNFMQ0vrI7xvykyfpx7UqOJFD2J3kA%26ust%3D1456538803926410&bvm=bv.115339255,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNFMQ0vrI7xvykyfpx7UqOJFD2J3kA&ust=1456538803926410

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Not Saying She Isn't Spoiled, But Olivia Jade Is A Victim Of Her Parents' Poor Choices

Because of decisions her parents made, she has not only been made a laughing stock but the face of major scrutiny.


If you watch any TV or are on any social media platforms, you've heard about the Lori Loughlin scandal that alleges she paid a total of $1 million to get her daughters into college.

It's truly crazy, but at the same time, I always suspected this type of bribery and deceit happened, not necessarily with this family but with other well-to-do people. I grew up knowing education and life were political, and I mean, look at all the rich students in Harvard and Yale. You really think all of them got in because they scored perfect scores on the SATs?

No. It's because their parents basically paid for their education and then some, too. More often than not, those parents are generally alumni as well, who got into school themselves the same way they're handling their children's education: through money.

What's sad, though, to me is that as someone who attends college, works hard for their education and has student loans, these parents don't realize the true shame to their actions. The ironic part is that they thought it would be more shameful for their children to not go to college than for them to be bought in.

What's ultimately shameful is that these parents didn't believe in their children's abilities and dreams.

I'm not a fan of Olivia Jade, who is the daughter of Lori Loughlin and whose education was bought. I've seen her face pop up on YouTube and Instagram once or twice, but I never paid much attention to her.

Even though I don't follow her, I still feel bad for her. Because her parents forced her hand into this education debauchery, she has taken the brunt of the storm, too.

Across social media, she has been shamed for this scandal, for not wanting education and for being spoiled. Her YouTube videos are being clipped into 15-second cuts of her saying she didn't want to go to school, that her parents ultimately forced her to go, and how the only parts she looks forward to are the parties and football games.

But honestly, if I was doing the thing I love without needing an education, I wouldn't go to college either.

I think people forget that education is a choice. Just because she didn't want to go doesn't mean she's stupid. Although her job as a social media influencer may seem like a joke to many, that joke pays hundreds of thousands of people each year millions of dollars.

As the saying goes, work smarter not harder.

Anyone who hates on social media influencers are really just jealous, maybe not of the role itself, but of the money it brings for the seemingly little work they do for it.

Education truly is subjective. Some people learn better in classrooms, some people learn better doing hands-on work. For social media influencers, it's learning from the trade and other people who do the same profession as well.

The job may not be the most respectable work I've seen, but it's something that supports families worldwide and allows people to fulfill their dreams of traveling, acting, working on video, becoming photographers and sharing advice. You know, just because this may not be mine or everyone else's dream jobs doesn't mean that it isn't someone else's.

It's easy to criticize people for their actions and dreams, but I find that the people who attack others the most understand the least.

Did Lori Loughlin do a really despicable thing to her daughters? Honestly, yeah. If my parents didn't believe I could amount to much without education and couldn't do it on my own, I would be heartbroken. I'm sure her daughters feel this too, and now on top of it, they're the laughing stock of social media for not only being "stupid," but for being more rich kids who depend on their mommies and daddies for everything.

What's crazy is that Olivia is already worth $300,000 at 19 years old, while I'm 22 and have $15 dollars to my name (not literally, but you get the point). Everyone's attacking this girl, but looking at her numbers, I'm thinking she's doing something right.

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