26 Reasons Fairport, NY Is The Best Place To Live
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26 Reasons Fairport, NY Is The Best Place To Live

The ABCs of Fairport, NY

26 Reasons Fairport, NY Is The Best Place To Live

Part of Rochester, Fairport lies on the Erie Canal. Known for a few things, and the most popular, being a "fair port."

Here are the ABC's of Fairport, NY:


Based out of Rochester NY, Abbotts has the best frozen custard, and is a fan favorite in Fairport.

2. Brueggers

Sorry Long Islanders, we have better bagels here.

3. Canal Days

The best time of the year. From henna tattoos, to live music, you go no matter rain or shine.

4. Deer

You'll see them in your backyard, when you're driving, and sometimes, when you're in gym class at the high school.

5. Erie Canal

Fairport wouldn't exist without it. If you haven't been on the Colonial Belle at least once, did you really grow up here?

6. Fairport Electric

A village owned and operated power cooperation.

7. Glass House

The elusive glass house. You've heard of it, but it's harder to find than it seems.

8. Hots

Fairport Hots, home of the best garbage plate.

9. Ice Cream Factory

If you didn't work here over the summer, you know at least 4 people that did. Walking into the ICF you will run into your teachers, best friends parents, and more.

10. Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival takes place in the City of Rochester in the summer, but that doesn't stop us in Fairport from making the drive.

11. Kennelly Park

In the summer, almost every week there is some kind of live entertainment in the village, usually at Kennelly Park.

12. Lollypop Farm

You can't resist going inside while driving by. The most known pet adoption facility in Rochester.

13. Markets

The Fairport Farmers Market provides locally made or grown items.

14. Neighborhood

In Fairport, you probably grew up playing foursquare and riding your bike around your neighborhood until dark.

15. Oktoberfest

Food trucks, live music, and good beer (or so I've been told.)

16. Philip Seymour Hoffman

He graduated from Fairport High School, and was inducted into Fairport High School Alumni Hall of Fame in 2006.

17. Quality

A great place to live overall.

18. Riki's

The best place to go for breakfast after a long night, sports game, or after being away from home.

19. Shooters

A sports bar and grill located in Fairport. They serve everything from pizza to wings, and occasionally have live music.

20. Towpath Cafe

It's location is on the canal, and in the summer the outdoor patio opens, making it a popular place to dine.

21. Unpredictable

In Fairport, we can experience all four seasons in a week. From blizzards to 90 degree weather, it's hard to tell what each season will bring.

22. Village

Filled with restaurants, biking paths, and activities

23. Wegmans

Only the best grocery store. Ever.

24. X

Fairport has train tracks running through it, which may keep you up at night depending on where you live.

25. Yummies

Owned by two brothers, they serve frozen yogurt, coffee, smoothies, and various other foods and desserts.

26. Zone

Red Zone. Fairport Central School District has the best student section, and a lot of pride.

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