The ABCs Of Jacksonville State, From Ayers Hall To Zero Chance You'd Want To Be Anywhere Else
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The ABCs Of Jacksonville State, From Ayers Hall To Zero Chance You'd Want To Be Anywhere Else

I mean, come on, who doesn't know about Ms. Peggy in the TMB?

The ABCs Of Jacksonville State, From Ayers Hall To Zero Chance You'd Want To Be Anywhere Else
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If you attend Jacksonville State University, here are 26 things you just might find relatable-- or something that you know!

1. Ayers Hall

Honestly, it is more like "Ayers Maze" because you can go in one door, out the other, and be on the opposite side of where you thought you were.

2. Ballerinas

High kicks since 1956.

3. Cocky

Our mascot, and our definite favorite bird.

4. Drama Department

Some of the best shows I have ever seen have come out of JSU Drama Department. They're incredible! So much time and detail are put into each show.

5. Education

Which is something you get when you go to JSU. Also, we have a stellar education department at JSU, which was once just a teacher's college.

6. Fear the beak

"That's an Alatrust Credit Union Jacksonville State first down!"

7. Gamecock Express

Maybe on time? Maybe late? Who knows about JSU's bus transport system.

8. Houston Cole

12 floors, and the tallest academic building in the state of Alabama.

9. International House

One of the most well-known buildings on campus because of the pretty columns, and occasional cultural music you can hear wafting through campus from its direction.

10. J-Day game

A day where we get to preview the new football team and hang out with friends

11. Kickoff

Because everyone loves football, right? Especially Gamecock football.

12. Lawn (Specifically the TMB lawn)

Everyone knows it because it holds events from bid day to Cockystock... a JSU student favorite.

13. Mountain Center

Also known as the Little River Canyon Center, this is a cool place that JSU sponsors, and also holds events at from time to time! Definitely very cool if you're adventurous.

14. Nursing

One of JSU's most well-known majors, and one of JSU's best majors.Many of my friends are nursing majors, and JSU happens to produce some of the best nurses around!

15. OVC...

Champions, that is. Thank you, football team.

16. Parking

This has to be one of the worst things about JSU... Lord help us when parking enforcement comes around.

17. Quad

One of the prettiest places on campus, even after the tornado.

18. Row

... Thursday nights are apparently lit here.

19. Southerners

One of the best marching bands in the nation, no doubt.

20. TMB

Home to basically all the restaurants on campus, the bookstore, and the mail center. In simple terms, this is the campus hub.

21. Undergraduate

Which is what most degrees at JSU are, and most of the student population.

22. bibb graVes (Still counts, right?)

And arguably the prettiest building on campus.

23. Walking to the Stone Center...

Is one of the most grueling walks at the end of August... why is it so far?!

24. XC

Cross country? Yes, we have it.

25. You know who Ms. Peggy in the TMB is...

And you KNOW that woman is an angel.

26. Zero chance you would want to be anywhere else

Because college is awesome, right?

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