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Go Falcons!


Bowling Green State University is a medium-sized, public university in northwest Ohio that comes with wind, corn, two falcon mascots that are always around campus, and a shared hatred for TSUN. Here are the ABCs of everything BGSU.

A is for Ay

The first word in the official fight song of BGSU

B is for Brown

One of our colors, and the one no one seems to like

C is for Corn

The crop that hides the university from the rest of Ohio

D is for Doyt

Doyt Perry Stadium, where you can see the football team lose every year

E is for Eppler

Eppler Complex, aka the most confusing building on campus

F is for Freddie & Frieda Falcon

Our beloved birds

G is for Greek Village

Greek life is abundant on campus, and the Greek Village is always having a fun time in the summer

H is for Howard's

A local bar where many small bands get their start

I is for Insomnia

Warm cookies, delivered straight to your door

J is for Jamba Juice

The line might be long and take forever, but its refreshing

K is for Kermit's

A local restaurant with the best breakfast in BG

L is for Lot 12

The literal worst

M is for Mazey (RIP)

Mary Ellen Mazey, the GOAT who we will miss

N is for Non-Stop Construction

Literally. When will it stop?

O is for Orange

The other color, that some people actually like

P is for Parking Services

We all hate them, and they always come around at the time you least expect them to

Q is for Quiet Hours

They all around suck and are enforced a little too seriously...especially 24 hours quiet hours

R is for Roll Along

...You BG Falcons, Roll along for BGSU!

S is for Stroh

Where you can watch basketball and volleyball tear it up

T is for Talons Up

*cue falcon screech*

U is for Uptown

The infamous "freshman" bar that is ALWAYS way too crowded

V is for Vice

The new bar!!!

W is for Wind

Literally there's more wind than Chicago, the windy city

X is for Xtra-Large Pizza

That you can get at Marco's with Falcon Dollars!!

Y is for Your home away from home

Even if it takes a few years for you to realize

Z is for Ziggy

Can't have Ay without Ziggy.... and Mazey's dog

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