Ah Vine, the shining star of our generation. Gone far too soon yet will never be forgotten. The pure joy and entertainment value from a six-second clip is actually astounding and should be commended. I spend far too many hours rewatching old classics and of course, reading the quality book that is "Milk and Vine". My philosophy: a vine a day keeps the doctor away. What better way to celebrate this incredible cultural phenomenon then by creating a comprehensive, alphabetical list for your viewing pleasure.

1. A: "Ahh stop, I could've dropped my croissant"

2. B: "Booty hole"

3. C: "Child rapist"

4. D: ".....Daddy?"

5. E: "You got ex-muh"

6. F: " F*ck you, that's why"

7. G: "Give me your money"

8. H: " Hurricane tortilla"

9. I: "Is this allowed?"

10. J: "What up, I'm Jared"

11. K: "The good kush"

12. L: "Look at all those chickens"

13. M: "Miss Keisha"

14. N: "Not to be racist"

15. O: "Oh hi thanks for checking in"

16. P: "Pepsi Bottle"

17. Q: "Quiet Patricia"

18. R: "they were roommates"

19. S: "Impression of a wet sock"

20. T: "My name's Trey"

21. U: "Uncle Kracker"

22. V: "Valentino Bag"

23. W: "Welcome to Chili's"

24. X: "xnfjklanfjkla is that real?"

25. Y: "Your mom's a hoe"

26. Z: "Zack, stop"