Disclaimer: None of these opinions changes my appreciation for the flawless soundtrack and talent from both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

I encourage everyone to do some research into how much work they put into this film, and their background story.

There has been nothing but great reviews over the new remake of A Star Is Born. But people are misinterpreting their intense emotions from this movie with positive emotion. The truth is- the events in the movie are horrible.

There were ample opportunities to send out positive and uplifting messages through the film, but they did the opposite.

*If you haven't yet seen the movie, beware of spoilers ahead!*

1. Ally didn't try to help his addiction.


In fact she contributed to the problem! If the man you love gets so obliterated every night and that you have to personally carry him to bed, things would need to change. As his partner she is not responsible for his behavior, but she could have made an effort to address his problem. Instead, they were ripping shots behind the curtain of their shows together. In one scene where Jackson completely collapsed out of his chair onto the floor at an after party she told groupies "he does this all the time."

2. Ally completely lost her individuality.


This was so frustrating because she specifically told her manager that she did not want to become mainstream and sacrifice her talent to gain fame, but she did exactly that. This could have been an opportunity for her take control of her career and stop trying to fill the mold that her manager created for her and became a star with just her raw talent. Instead, the topic was addressed once in the film and she got angry at Jackson when he brought up the problem.

3. The Entire Grammy Scene.


The real question is- who is the hired security and did somebody fire them? Ally didn't exactly deserve to watch her husband urinate on stage in front of the entire world while accepting her first Grammy, but it seems to be a karmic debut of the real life that her husband and her lived off stage. Was there not one person at that event with the decency to not let him on stage?

4. He ruined her career.


If he didn't succeed at "derailing" her career with the embarrassing Grammy stunt, he made quick work of ending it after rehab. Ally's manager thought it was a bad idea to bring Jackson on tour with her (which was understandable) so she cancelled the tour altogether! Even though she made that choice for him, on the night of her last show he killed himself. He left her to come home tour-less and love-less.

5. He made it hard for Ally to begin to heal.


The song "I'll Never Love Again" was the most romantically cruel song ever written. As if losing the man you love isn't hard enough, she was left with a permanent reminder to never even try to find love again. Jackson basically built her life into what it was and then destroyed it himself.