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To All the Girls Still Trying to Find 'Mr. Perfect'

Whether you think you have found "Mr. Perfect" or if you believe you really did find him, I have a few things I think you should hear.

To All the Girls Still Trying to Find 'Mr. Perfect'
Dakota Beever

First things first, there is no "Mr. Perfect." The perfect guy is not out there waiting by his horse in his castle wearing his shining armor, and he's not your best friends brother whose extremely popular and hot and has been in love with you your whole entire life. (This is a "Kissing Booth" reference, but we will have to talk about how extremely unrealistic that movie is another time.)

With that being said, there is a guy who is perfectly made for you by God.

There have been too many times where girls settle for a guy who makes them happy only some of the time, because we do not think we will find someone else.

Yes, I said "we" because as I am writing this article, I have fallen guilty of this too many times. The difference for me though, is that I slowly came to realize all of this as every girl should.

Date the guy who you are not afraid to imagine a future with. Isn't that what this whole dating thing is about anyway? We don't date someone to end by breaking up (well most of us anyway). There is an end result, and that should be marriage. If you don't see that with the person you're dating, he isn't the one.

Date the guy who you are 100% yourself around. I mean like the person that you are when you are in your room alone. Seems impossible that someone will tolerate your true self, but if they can't do that… THEY ARE NOT THE ONE! You should date someone you can bark at out of the blue, and they will bark back. No hesitation.

Date the guy who you can trust. I mean seriously trust with everything. You should never have a doubt in your mind about whether he is faithful or not. This is such a problem with relationships. If you don't trust, then there is a lot of jealousy, it leads to so many fights, and eventually an unhealthy relationship. Stop stalking the Instagram activity feed to see which girls pictures he's liked, log out of his snapchat account, and end it. You don't deserve that.

Lastly, date the guy who only makes you cry because you sit back and realize how blessed you are to have him. The only time he should make you cry is when he made you so happy that this weird thing comes over you and you just start crying. It took me a long time to realize this one. If a guy really loves you, he will do everything he can to make you happy all of the time.

This all may seem unrealistic like that movie "Kissing Booth", but I am a living example. I've been dating him for a year to this day, and when I tell you that I didn't think guys like this existed, I believed it so hard. You have to stop trying so hard to find love so young. I heard something on one of my favorite TV shows that went something like this, "You can drive at 16, go to war at 18, drink at 21, so who can say what age you have to be to find your true love?" And I thought to myself, "you know what Becky, you're right!" Do not rush love, because it will come when you least expect it. You don't have to find your true love before college. You don't have to be married and have kids by the time you turn 30. There is no time limit on love.

**All readers who don't want to read my sappy message to my boyfriend can stop reading here**


There is absolutely no way I could thank you enough for everything you have done for me and have given me. Everything from how you always get out of bed to close the doors for me at night because you know I'm still a child and get scared if they're open, or scratching my back for me when I can't reach the spot.

Thank you for having a motive and a drive. Imagining a future with a guy like you isn't scary, but exciting in every way.

Thank you for being the biggest goof around me. Thank you for barking back at me without any hesitation at all. I appreciate you knowing the difference between a boofer, woofer, and yipper so much.

Thank you for giving me every single reason there is to trust you with everything. Being in a relationship where you're always on the edge about whether the other is being loyal is so scary.

Lastly, thank you for never making me cry. The only time I ever cry because of you is when I sit back and get teary eyed thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life (oh and when you make me laugh too hard). It was a one in a billion chance that I met you. I couldn't imagine God pairing me with any other person and man am I glad He handpicked you for me.

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