A Million Little Things Is The Best New Show
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'A Million Little Things' Is The Best Show On TV Right Now And Gives Me All The Same Feels As 'This Is Us'

Sometimes the best families are the ones that we choose

'A Million Little Things' Is The Best Show On TV Right Now And Gives Me All The Same Feels As 'This Is Us'

"A Million Little Things" focuses around a group of four best friends and their wives/ girlfriend. But during the first episode, the glue that holds the group together commits suicide. The rest of the show then is about them trying to figure out why he did it and if it was any of their faults.

"A Million Little Things" is about overcoming tragedy from all angles. Two characters are living with cancer, another is severely depressed, one is a widow, two lost their father, some have marital problems, and one has a drinking problem. Everyone has their own problems, but they have to keep going like they don't. Everyone can relate to a character on this show or an aspect of the storyline.

Humans are social creatures and everyone wants to be loved. The characters on this show have so much regret and pain in their lives and it makes them so real and so likable. We can all relate to wishing that we did things differently and wondering what would have happened if we did things a different way.

This show makes me cry every single episode and it gives me all of the same feels that "This Is Us" does. People crave drama and interesting stories when they watch TV and these shows do exactly that. We want real-life situations and great acting. I believe all of the actors are who they're pretending to be.

The friends all have their own issues and real-life problems. This show is making mental health and other real issues visible and giving them a platform for people to be seen. Having representation in the media is an incredibly important thing that real people who struggle appreciate.

The characters lean on each other like family and they will always be there for each other.

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