A Love Letter To Villanova Since I Didn't Get To Say Goodbye
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A Love Letter To Villanova Since I Didn't Get To Say Goodbye

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A Love Letter To Villanova Since I Didn't Get To Say Goodbye
Katie Coviello

The past month has been filled with so much uncertainty, anxiety, worry, stress, and heartbreak. COVID-19 went from something I heard of, to a harsh reality in the blink of an eye. In a matter of days, my life and the lives of the class of 2020 have been completely turned upside down in a way that I never would have imagined was possible. All classes are online, campus is completely deserted, all events are canceled, and last but not least, senior week and graduation are no longer written on my calendar. To say I am sad is an understatement and I know that my friends and classmates are feeling nothing short of the same mix of emotions.

So, I wanted to write everything I didn't get to say to those that have touched my life over the past 4 years.

To my first and favorite roommate of all time: thank you for being my constant over the past 4 years. No matter what is happening around us, I know that you will always be there to grumble hello to in the morning and to drink wine and gossip with at the end of the day. Some of my very favorite memories at Villanova are with you and I truly can't thank you enough for each and every one of them from: trying to get onto the Stanford roof countless times, ice skating in 515, sticking starbursts to the ceiling, locking me out of the room, accidentally eating 2 bagels, every questionable man, quad.stalking., always throwing out the big lamp at the end of the year, sleeping in opposite beds by accident, singing Wide Awake at 3 am, living in our first house, and having sleepovers for 4 years in a row. I am so incredibly proud of the person you have become and how much you have accomplished. No matter what, I will always be there for you. Love you from stanny 515 to sheehan 337 to Jackson 308, to 241 and back.

To all of my friends along the way: thank you for teaching me some tough lessons, for always being a shoulder to lean on, and for always being down for a movie night any day of the week. Whether it was running up and down 3 flights to hang out every.day.of.the.week, or new roomies that have become my best friends and will gossip with me for hours (or watch horror movies- steph ily), my lil tunas from freshmen year, or those that have been around since orientation, you all have made my time here so full of love. Forever thankful for every drunk night, friendsgiving, secret santa, gossip sesh, and love. Extra shout out to steph, char and sush: thank you for living w me and lo, for accepting me even when I get stressed about the brita being empty, raising a fish together, and for becoming 3 of my best friends. I am grateful for all of you and couldn't have survived without you.

To Danny: even though our paths have apparently crossed before (with photographic evidence), I am so thankful nova brought me to you even after creepily being introduced to you in the holy grounds line because you were "that Delaware boy in blue key". Thank you for allowing me to be myself and for being there through anything and everything. You have brought me some of my happiest days at nova and I will always cherish each lunch date, study date, and formal date that we have shared while at school. Thank you for always pushing me to be my best, for all the big hugs, for every late admissions night, and for saving me from the springtime heat in the dorms. Thank you for the constant support in everything I do, for being at every showcase, for allowing me to vent when needed, for all of the kelly's nights (2nd. floor.), for all of the sleepovers and necessary devouring of ellios/bagel bites, for dancing with me in the kitchen, for the late-night drives, and for always being my biggest fan (even if I win in ispy). My time at Nova has forever been changed in the best way because of you. I love you BT&D.

To the Blue Key Society (especially fam 3): thank you for getting me out of my comfort zone, for reminding me to be myself and to always do it for the fam points and bonding. I have loved getting to give back to my school by sharing my nova experience with each and every prospective family. But I have also loved all of the midnight madnesses, the formals, the banquets, and the fam bonding in between. Every wine night, movie night, and game night have meant so much to me and each of you will always be family to me. Thanks for letting me be your mom and for BEING TOP FAM!!!!!

To the Villanova Dance Company: you girls are my heart. This organization has been the one that has made Villanova truly feel like home and this is one of the hardest things that I will have to say goodbye to. Dance has always, and will always be such a big part of my life and such a special part of my time here at nova. I was able to teach classes and choreograph for the first time (thank you for dealing with me on Sunday mornings and for all of my "you know what I mean's?"). I was able to struggle through pro-mo weekends and showcase weeks with you all as we become delirious and high on candy and the brutal heat in the smary's theater. I was able to goof around in the back corner with my "parents". I was able to come to dance in an awful mood and then immediately become so happy because of all of you. I was able to find my family and best friends. To all of my dco babies that were older than me, thank you for welcoming me into your family and for showing me the ropes. Some of you are truly some of my favorite people on this earth and I am so utterly thankful for all of you. To my "mom and dad": you two are literally the lights of my life. Don't ever change. There is not a day that goes by that I don't wish you were still at dance this year. To the juniors that I came in with, I couldn't love you more. There is not another group of ladies that I would have wanted to start my dco journey with, and you all have been some of my favorite people here at nova (sorry for hitting you during auditions andris). Julia, you have been the BEST these past few years. I loved getting to co-pres with you and I know you will be apart of my life forever. To all the babies and the rest of DCO, you all are such an important part of this family and my experience at nova and I have loved getting to know you all, squishin ur hands on stage (olivia :/), and always having a smiling face to see when I walk into the studio. I will miss all of this the most, especially Sunday mornings and DCO bonding.

I am so utterly heartbroken that all of our lasts and goodbyes have been cut short. That we will not get to walk across the stage in May. That we will not get to celebrate senior week. That we will no longer get to have the little things like holy grounds, complaining about walking up the tolentine staircase, finals week, taking a church sunset pic, waiting in the xc line, hearing "crosswalk is on", searching for a table in the lib, or seeing friends in the quad. These past 4 years have been filled with ups and downs but at the end of the day, they have been nothing short of wonderful.

I'll be seeing you soon nova.

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