A Look Back On HS Prom

Everyone knows high school proms are happening now (if not you must not be on social media). But if you were to look back now on your old prom, what do you actually remember? As a girl do you remember the hundreds of dollars you spent to look perfect for an all too iconic prom photo? As a guy (or girl) do you remember the courage it took to ask your date? You don't remember the super awkward comments and jokes you made with your friend. You don't remember the mean kids making fun of you. You don't remember the high school rapper "performing". All you remember is how it was your night. That's the thing about college- you don't have those nights a lot. You don't have the opportunity to feel on top of the world a lot. There are people you meet in high school who will be your best friends for life. I still have my group, the five of us are inseparable. All the other high school moments don't matter. Your date being perfect doesn't matter in the long run. You having the perfect dress that no one else is wearing doesn't matter. All that matters is for one night you did not have to worry. For one night adulting didn't matter. Colleges needs those nights.

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