100 Simple Joys In Life, Listed For Your Convenience

Recently, I stumbled upon a list I made my senior year of high school bulleting 100 simple joys found in life. As I now enter into my junior year at UConn, I decided to update this list and include some of my current simple joys. Hopefully you agree with some of these simple joys found on this list!

  1. Laughing uncontrollably with friends [until your sides hurt]
  2. Making something from scratch
  3. Finding the last clothing item in your size
  4. Turning the lights on the Christmas tree for the first time
  5. Discovering a good song for the first time
  6. Taking a bite of a crunchy apple
  7. Stepping on crunchy leaves
  8. Baking chocolate chip cookies at night
  9. Picking up extra playbills in after a musical production
  10. Feeling the sun's warmth hit your back
  11. Jamming out to an awesome song that comes on the radio [with your friends]
  12. Finding a ripe piece of fruit to eat
  13. Sticking your toes in warm sand
  14. Smelling a nicely scented candle
  15. Putting in the final piece of a puzzle
  16. When something works out on the first try
  17. Mowing the lawn
  18. Understanding a concept for the first time
  19. Finding a dollar on the ground
  20. Animals greeting you at the door
  21. Someone holding the door for you
  22. Learning a fun new fact
  23. Dancing with your significant other
  24. Les Misérables
  25. Hearing the click of a Snapple cap
  26. Spending time with your cast between a matinee and night performance
  27. Walking barefoot in the grass
  28. Taking a long hot shower
  29. Going on impromptu adventures with friends
  30. Catching your favorite movie when flipping through channels
  31. Running errands with your besties
  32. 2 a.m. deep conversations about life
  33. Lending a hand to others and expecting nothing in return
  34. Free samples at the grocery store
  35. French. FRIES.
  36. Holding hands with someone you love
  37. Dressing up for a special occasion
  38. Finding money in your pocket you didn't know you had
  39. Revisiting old photos and videos
  40. Late night bonfires
  41. Crossing something off your "To Do" list
  42. Cuddling
  43. Meeting new people you immediately click with
  44. Playing board games
  45. Strangers that compliment you
  46. Staying technology free with friends
  47. Taking long walks
  48. Sitting outside and listening to the sounds of nature
  49. Remembering a dream when you wake up
  50. Smiling at someone
  51. Creating an inside joke
  52. Receiving a handwritten note
  53. Listening to some "Oldies"
  54. Seeing a child smile and laugh
  55. Sitting out in the rain
  56. Unexpected good news
  57. Hearing a song you haven't heard play in a while
  58. Studying outside
  59. Sleepovers
  60. Eating ice cream on a hot day
  61. Creating a tradition with your family
  62. Smelling something that brings back a memory
  63. Taking a risk that works out for the better
  64. Walking through Ikea
  65. Writing with a rough pen
  66. Popping bubble wrap
  67. Licking the spoon after baking cookies
  68. Drinking cold water on a hot day
  69. Hiking and Camping
  70. Getting the answer right in class
  71. Hearing "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night!"
  72. When you know you and your friend are thinking the same thing but nothing was said to indicate it
  73. Listening to a Broadway Musical soundtrack
  74. Good hair days
  75. Getting a good grade on a test you thought you did poorly on
  76. Having a witty comeback
  77. Knowing all the lyrics to a song
  78. Taking a beautiful picture
  79. Bread with Butter
  80. Bicycling
  81. Petting an animal
  82. Turning the clocks back
  83. Discounts at stores on your favorite foods
  84. Wearing a fluffy jacket
  85. Dresses that have pockets
  86. Filling a cup to the top without it spilling
  87. Travelling for the fun of it
  88. Spending time with God
  89. Doing better in something you thought you'd fail at
  90. Filming a video with your friends
  91. Trying something new even though you're scared
  92. Sledding and snowball fights
  93. Hearing the sound of an instrumental/orchestra
  94. Leaving a class feeling like you learned something
  95. Reading a good poem
  96. Watching trailers before the movie begins
  97. Meeting someone new
  98. Seeing your friends succeed in life
  99. Hot chocolate on a cold day
  100. Knowing that each day is a new day to become a better version of yourself!
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