Dear Jalen,

We wish you the best at Oklahoma. We hope you thrive and become the best quarterback ever to play. Most importantly, we will miss you playing for Alabama.

You taught all of us how to be humble. Words cannot express how thankful we are for that. As you continue your college career on and off the field at Oklahoma, we will cheer for you. We will support you.

You are talented far beyond words. We watched you earn the starting quarterback job back in the 2016 season. Might I add, as a true freshman. The first true freshman to start at quarterback in 32 years. Your stats were phenomenal. You quickly stole the hearts of Alabama fans all over the nation. That same year, you lead your team to win the SEC Championship against Florida. Then, led us to the National Championship game against Clemson. Although Bama didn't win, you kept your head held high.

Your sophomore year was just as great as the previous one. Once again, you lead us to the playoffs. The team went on to defeat Clemson in the Sugar Bowl and played for the National Title against Georgia. Your leadership and determination is what lead the team to the National Championship. Instead of being discouraged by the loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl, you used it as a way to learn. That's something we all need to do.

In the 2018 SEC Championship game, you relived Tua, who got injured. Then, you lead the team to a comeback victory. That victory made the team 13-0. The team went on to the playoffs and unfortunately lost to Clemson in the National Championship.

Jalen, we will miss seeing you in crimson and white. We'll miss seeing you in the number 2 jersey on Saturdays.

You are a role model for all of us. You have taught us so many things since you began your college career at Alabama. We cannot thank you enough for that.

We will miss you Jalen, but we will always cheer for you.

Best wishes,

Alabama fans