A Day in My Life: Quarantine Edition
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Student Life

A Day in My Life: Quarantine Edition

I hope everyone's hanging in there and able to stay somewhat productive during this time. Here's a glimpse into my life during quarantine:

A Day in My Life: Quarantine Edition

7AM: My first alarm rings and wakes me up, but of course, I snooze it. My first class is usually at 8, so I tell myself that I'll give myself an hour to get myself together.

8AM: My 10th alarm rings, but I'm still in bed half asleep. I'm late for class, so I force myself to get up. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and run downstairs.

8:30AM: I play my first lecture while I make myself toast with peanut butter (because that's the only breakfast food I have at home). I take notes while I eat. I stare at my screen confused as I try to absorb new material and submit the practice problems.

12PM: I finish all of the work for the first lecture (yes, it really does take me three hours). Depending on the day, I may or may not have to hold online office hours or have another class, but let's pretend I don't, so I tell myself I deserve a break, and I take a break.

1PM: I tell myself I deserve another break, so I take another break.

2PM: It's time for lunch, my third break of the day. I make lunch, and it's usually either fried rice, dumplings, or cup noodles. I eat lunch with my parents and we watch whatever game show is on.

3PM: I finish lunch, and I look at my To Do List of tasks (lectures I need to catch up on, notes that I still have to type up, emails that I have to send, applications that I need to fill out, etc) that I didn't accomplish for the past few days...and I attempt to accomplish them!

3:30PM: I get hungry and scour the cabinet for snacks, realizing that I ate them when quarantine started.

5PM: I finish about half of the accumulated tasks on my To Do List if I'm lucky, and I take a break. I watch some YouTube videos (I've been into watching college vloggers lately to see what they've been doing in quarantine so that I can find some motivation).

6PM: I attempt to catch up on more work because honestly, it never ends for us college students. I lowkey kind of enjoy it.

8PM: I take a quick shower before dinner.

8:30PM: I finish showering, and I get ready for dinner. Usually, I have meetings via Zoom during this time, so I go to my room and eat during the meeting. On the days that I don't have a meeting, I eat dinner with my parents, and we watch Family Feud (it's my all time favorite game show).

9:30PM: I finish dinner (I don't really know what I do for the next half an hour, but I think I just sit there and respond to my text messages).

10PM: The grind begins again. I'm a night owl at home, and I'm slightly more productive at night. I watch more lectures and try to get ahead for the week ahead.

12PM: I take my 100th break at this point. I sit on the couch in the living room and contemplate my life and how much I miss being on campus and getting to see my friends everyday. I end up knocking out because I contemplate too much.

2AM: I wake up, brush my teeth, and go to bed. That's it.

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