A Couple Words About My Workplace

Where do I work?

At home I work at a pizza place called Bravo. Behind the counter cooking at the brick oven is a man named Nelson. He is quiet and doesn't talk much, but man, once you get him talking there is no end. I soon came to realize that Nelson was probably one of the coolest people I know. Name any pizza you want, and you got it. Chicken Bacon Ranch? Done. Mashed Potato Pizza? Easy money. Nelsons got you covered. If Nelson knew I was writing this about him he would be very embarrassed.

Why do I dislike it?

One thing about Bravo that was the absolute worst was the days that I got stuck bartending. After multiple rounds of rock, paper, scissors (which I always lost), behind the bar I went. The fear when someone actually sat down was unexplainable because you knew they weren't just going to order a beer. The most popular drink that was ordered? A Manhattan. Now what the actual hell is in a Manhattan? Don't ask me, I have no clue. Whenever someone ordered it, I knew I was immediately screwed. I wouldn't have a choice but to tell them I had no clue how to make it and naturally they would think to themselves, "Do these people even get trained?" The answer to that is no, most definitely not. If I'm being completely honest it took me until a month after working there to learn how to pour a draft beer that didn't explode over all of the clean glasses. Basically, what I am trying to say I never would suggest bartending especially if you didn't get trained.

Despite this...

Although work tended to be extremely stressful during certain points, it was always a good time and I'm not going to lie, the food is amazing. Below I put some extra information, so if your ever around Boston, definitely check it out!

Instagram: bravobythesea

Super creative menu options!

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