The Best 90's Country Songs
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99 Country Songs From the 90's That You Need to Add to Your Playlist ASAP

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--the 90's were for sure the best time for country music. .

99 Country Songs From the 90's That You Need to Add to Your Playlist ASAP
Jacek Dylag/Unsplash

I've long been a fan of the sounds of fiddle and steel guitar, and the visual and storytelling aspects of the country songs of the 90's are on point. These songs were the songs of my childhood, as I was born in 1996 and grew up listening to country music. I wouldn't have it any other way. The 90's may be long gone, but the music of the 90's lives on forever, as evidenced by the following songs

1. "A Broken Wing", Martina McBride

2. "A Little Past Little Rock", Lee Ann Womack

3. "A Man Holding On (To a Woman Letting Go)", Ty Herndon

4. "A Night to Remember", Joe Diffie

5. "Amarillo By Morning", George Strait

6. "Any Man of Mine", Shania Twain

7. "Are Your Eyes Still Blue", Shane McAnally

8. "Better Things to Do", Terri Clark

9. "Blue", LeAnn Rimes

10. "Blue Clear Sky", George Strait

11. "Brand New Man", Brooks and Dunn

12. "Breathe", Faith Hill

13. "Chattahoochee", Alan Jackson

14. "Check Yes or No", George Strait

15. "Cold Day in July", Dixie Chicks

16. "Cowboy Take Me Away", Dixie Chicks

17. "Daddy Won't Sell the Farm", Montgomery Gentry

18. "Deeper Than the Holler", Randy Travis

19. "Don't Close Your Eyes", Keith Whitley

20. "Don't Get Me Started", Rhett Akins

21. "Drink, Swear, Steal, and Lie", Michael Peterson

22. "Dust on the Bottle", David Lee Murphy

23. "Every Time I Cry", Terri Clark

24. "Fancy", Reba McEntire

25. "Forever and Ever, Amen", Randy Travis

26. "Go Rest High on That Mountain", Vince Gill

27. "God Blessed Texas", Little Texas

28. "Goin' Through the Big D", Mark Chestnutt

29. "Goodbye Earl", Dixie Chicks

30. "Goodbye Says It All", Blackhawk

31. "Heads Carolina, Tails California", Jo Dee Messina

32. "Here In the Real World", Alan Jackson

33. "Here's a Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)", Travis Tritt

34. "Holes in the Floor of Heaven", Steve Wariner

35. "I Cross My Heart", George Strait

36. "I Like It, I Love It", Tim McGraw

37. "I'd Be Better Off (In a Pine Box)", Doug Stone

38. "I'll Take Care of You", Dixie Chicks

39. "I'll Think of a Reason Later", Lee Ann Womack

40. "I'm Over You", Keith Whitley

41. "If I Could Make a Living", Clay Walker

42. "Independence Day", Martina McBride

43. "It Was", Chely Wright

44. "John Deere Green", Joe Diffie

45. "Lessons Learned", Tracy Lawrence

46. "Let Me Let Go", Faith Hill

47. "Live, Laugh, Love", Clay Walker

48. "Look at Us", Vince Gill

49. "Loving Arms", Dixie Chicks

50. "Make Up In Love", Doug Stone

51. "Montgomery to Memphis", Lee Ann Womack

52. "Murder on Music Row", George Strait and Alan Jackson

53. "My Kind of Woman/My Kind of Man", Vince Gill and Patty Loveless

54. "Never Again, Again", Lee Ann Womack

55. "No Place That Far", Sara Evans

56. "Not Enough Hours in the Night", Doug Supernaw

57. "Old Enough to Know Better", Wade Hayes

58. "One Way Ticket (Because I Can)", LeAnn Rimes

59. "Piece of My Heart", Faith Hill

60. "Pop a Top", Alan Jackson

61. "Ready to Run", Dixie Chicks

62. "Right Where I Need to Be", Gary Allan

63. "She Don't Know She's Beautiful", Sammy Kershaw

64. "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy", Kenny Chesney

65. "She's Always Right", Clay Walker

66. "She's In Love With the Boy", Trisha Yearwood

67. "Single White Female", Chely Wright

68. "Smoke Rings in the Dark", Gary Allan

69. "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)", John Michael Montgomery

70. "Steam", Ty Herndon

71. "Sticks and Stones", Tracy Lawrence

72. "Strawberry Wine", Deana Carter

73. "Take Me As I Am", Faith Hill

74. "Texas Size Heartache", Joe Diffie

75. "Texas Tornado", Tracy Lawrence

76. "That Ain't My Truck", Rhett Akins

77. "The Best Day", George Strait

78. "The Fool", Lee Ann Womack

79. "The Fun of Your Love", Jennifer Day

80. "The Rest of Mine", Trace Adkins

81. "The Song Remembers When", Trisha Yearwood

82. "There's Your Trouble", Dixie Chicks

83. "This Kiss", Faith Hill

84. "This Woman and This Man", Clay Walker

85. "Tonight The Heartache's On Me", Dixie Chicks

86. "Too Much Fun", Daryle Singletary

87. "Two Teardrops", Steve Wariner

88. "Unbreakable Heart", Jessica Andrews

89. "Walkaway Joe", Trisha Yearwood

90. "Watermelon Crawl", Tracy Byrd

91. "When Boy Meets Girl", Terri Clark

92. "Who Needs Pictures", Brad Paisley

93. "Wide Open Spaces", Dixie Chicks

94. "Wild One", Faith Hill

95. "Wink", Neal McCoy

96. "Without You", Dixie Chicks

97. "You Still Shake Me", Deana Carter

98. "You Were Mine", Dixie Chicks

99. "You're Easy On The Eyes", Terri Clark

Hopefully, these songs brought on some major feelings of nostalgia, like they did with me. Long live 90's country!

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