'90s Trends That You Are Probably Already Wearing Again
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'90s Trends That You Are Probably Already Wearing Again

We can't even be that upset about it because everyone looks so cute.

'90s Trends That You Are Probably Already Wearing Again
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Whether it’s on the runway, celebrity fashion, or just street wear, trends that include clothes, shoes, hair and makeup from the 1990s are most definitely making a comeback. And are we really all that upset about it? As long as the neon leggings, parachute pants, and tee shirt clips stay in the ‘90s then I think we can all agree the trends entering back into our present lifestyle could be given a second chance. Especially when worn so well, they all add a great touch of fashion history without even looking like an old fad!

1. Leggings

Although leggings have been cycled back into our fashion for a while now, it doesn’t hurt to mention how popular they truly are.



2. Chokers

Who can deny this cute look that can make an outfit more grunge-y, or make a another outfit super chic?

3. Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors, also known as Converse, have actually been around since the 1920s. Originally made for basketball players, but they were so popular they keep popping up in fashion in many different decades, including the ‘90s and now!

4. Oversized Sweaters

Just like they were back in the ‘90s, oversized sweaters are comfy, versatile and can be worn perfectly with leggings.

5. Denim Jackets

What would the ‘90s be without the denim trend? Twenty years later people are still proving the jean jacket can be worn so many different ways and always looks great! Go for a more girly and flirty look with a clean cut jacket.

Or take a more edgy look and wear a large distressed jacket.

6. Berry Lips

While dark berry lips were a ‘90s beauty staple, you are guaranteed to spot this trend on the red carpet and in everyday life.

7. Doc Martens

An icon item for many grunge fashionistas of the ‘90s and you won’t be surprised when you find yourself purchasing a pair for yourself- or you may already own some!

8. Leather Jackets

A surprisingly timeless trend, the leather jacket has been around for decades and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Probably because it can be worn in almost every season and adds and instant effortless edge to any outfit.

9. Floral Skater Dress

Go into any popular retail store today and you’re guaranteed to witness at least 3 or more floral skater dresses for sale.

10. Scrunchies

Some people may not want to agree on this one, but countless celebs are even trying out what 21st scrunchies can look like.

11. Crop Tops

This one is a given when contemplating how to add some ‘90s fashion to your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to check out the infinite options of how crop tops are being worn today.

12. Mom Jeans

The jean that used to be considered “unflattering” or “unfashionable” is now being sold in every retail store and can be seen worn on almost every young woman today.

13. Shirt Around Waist

You don’t even have to buy an item to follow the ‘90s trend. Take a sweater or flannel and wrap.



14. Round Sunglasses

This look originated from the ‘70s when musicians such as Bono and Elton John wore the round tinted lenses. Come the 1990s, smaller, more minimalist sunglasses in round and oval shapes became the trend and now today you can see them worn in different sizes, colors and patterns.



15. Platform Sneakers

Thought you'd never see platforms again after the Spice Girls separated? Think again. Platforms are making a comeback in a more understated way.



16. Overalls

We all wore them as kids at one point and now adults are wearing them grocery shopping and hanging out with friends.

17. Birkenstock Sandals

This style managed to ditch its hippie origins and regain traction among the fashionable crowd. Worn in the ‘90s sometimes with socks, and today these can be seen worn with everything from skinny jeans to a maxi dress.

18. Matching Sets

Gone are the neon or crazy patterned sets, instead we are now seeing gorgeous top and skirt combos, or matching jackets and shorts that are sure to make you stand out.

19. High Top Sneakers

We have may ditched the brightly colored high-tops, but we have replaced them with stylish Jordan’s, Nike’s and more.

20. Boyfriend Jeans/ Baggy Jeans

In the ‘90s, we had one or the other- skinny distressed jeans or very baggy jeans. Today we have basically combined the two to make the boyfriend jean. It is still high waisted and tight on top but more relaxed on the bottom with lots of rips still.



21. Slip Dresses

You don’t have to be Kate Moss from the ‘90s to pull of this cute, indie/boho look. Recently, these spaghetti-strapped dresses can be found worn under an oversized cardigan or jacket.

22. Knee High Socks

Most commonly known to be seen in the famous movie “Clueless”, knee-highs are a great way to cover some leg wear wearing a mini skirt or just to add an extra something to a cute outfit.

23. Front Button Skirts

Another iconic item from “Clueless”, this look has many options, ranging from denim, suede, corduroy and all different lengths and styles.



24. Pink Hair/ Streaks

Bold hair colors were a definite trend in the 1990s; an extremely popular one was the bright pink sported by Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Madonna. Many celebs are bringing this back by adding subtle pink streaks to their hair or on the ends.



25. Fanny Pack

A style that hasn’t been completely grasped yet, but what better way than have everything you need right around your waist?

26. Scrunched Socks

There is no doubting seeing everyone wearing scrunched white or bright colored socks with the white sneakers back in the ‘90s. Turn on Full House and see for yourself if you don’t remember. It is extremely common to witness many young women wearing socks scrunched over booties and heels.

27. Keds

From mid 1980s to 1990s Keds were very popular for young girls to college age and beyond. They even became widely popular for moms to sport this look. Taylor Swift actually has a partnership with Keds, saying they are “classic and effortless.”

28. Mini Backpacks

‘90s nostalgia was to blame for this one. Trends start on the streets this day and then end up occasionally on the red carpet, which was arguably where the mini backpack made its return in 2014 and it seems it has kept growing in popularity since.



To be honest, we can probably blame ‘90s nostalgia for all of these trends coming into 2016. ‘90s fashion may not have been the best, yet there’s something about the grunge meets girly decade that has us all going back, and picking out the little things we want to keep for our wardrobes today. Again, should we be troubled by these style comebacks? Hell no. Done tastefully and carefully, these looks can be a great way to create a new style for yourself.

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