25 Things You Remember If You Are A 90s Babe
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25 Things You Remember If You Are A 90s Babe

Being a 90's babies myself there are so many things have defined my childhood.

25 Things You Remember If You Are A 90s Babe

I was born in 1998 and although it falls towards the end of the 90's there are still so many things that have defined my childhood and make me so nostalgic for when I was young. My sister was born in 1995 so I always grew up surrounded by her and all of her 90's toys, foods, candies and products that defined the 90's era. I may have had less time in the '90s but I am so stranger to the many items that came from the 90's era. These 25 things I have listed below are just some of the many things that exist that take me back to the '90s. These things take me straight back to my childhood and remind me of all the memories I completely forgot I had.


Furby's resembled like a hamster or owl type animal. They were robotic and talked and made noises. It seems super odd now but the toy was iconic at the end of the '90s and so it had to make it on this list.

Gel pens

For some reason when I think of the 90's I think of gel pens. I remember having so many different bright colored gel pens growing up. I am sure if I still look now I could find a few in my childhood bedroom.

Orange VHS Rugrats Go to Paris Tape

I swear anyone who grew up in the 90's owned orange VHS tapes. However, most people actually owed the Rugrats Go to Paris Tape. I remember rewinding this tape as a kid and playing it over and over again.

Powerpuff Girls

The Powerpuff Girls recently sort of made a comeback but back in the 90's the Powerpuff Girls were amazing. I can still remember the intro to the show by heart. Forever one of the most iconic shows of the '90s and the action figures you could buy are stills somewhere in my childhood basement.

Lip Smackers

For some reason when I think of the 90's I can picture the many flavors of Lip Smackers chapstick. I recently found a whole caseful of ones I had kept from when I was younger. Therefore Lip Smackers goes down as the iconic chapstick of the '90s.

Libby Lou

For those who do not remember Libby Lou, it was a girly girl store in the mall. It was filled with makeup and glitter and you could get your hair done in several styles. They even hosted parties where everyone got their hair done completely with glitter in it and everyone got to dress in sparkly costumes. Libby Lou is an iconic memory that I will remember forever.

Razor Scooters

Razor Scooters are still sort of popular but even more so when I was growing up. I remember having razor scooter parades with my friends up and down the street of my neighborhood. I still remember every last pain fo hitting my ankle with the razor scooter but this toy was still an iconic one growing up.


This toy was a handheld digital device that was basically a small keychain. It gavotte user the ability to take care of a pet. The user has to check on the pet almost 24/7 to guarantee the pet survived. I still have nightmares about my pet not miming it because I forgot to feed it.

Stick on earrings

Stick on earrings were exactly what they sound like. It was gems that were stickers you put on your ears. Before anyone has their earrings pierced everyone and these stick on earrings. An iconic young 90's fashion statement of its time.


Almost every 90's kid remembers eating Dunkaroos. These were little cookies that came in a pouch with frosting that you would dunk the cookie in. I have seen rumors of these making a comeback and I sure hope they do.


Wonderballs were a legit ball of chocolate that was hollow on the inside and had either some type of toy or candy on the inside of it. These were super good and also exciting to see what was on the inside. I think these eventually got banned due to being a choking hazard but either way I still find these super nostalgic.

Pokemon Cards

Growing up I remember watching my sister play with and trade her Pokemon cards. I remember watching how excited she would get buying a new pack of cards opening it up and seeing what Pokémon's she got. Pokemon was really popular around the '90s and recently started making a come back with the Pokemon Go app. But nothing will be as iconic as trading Pokemon cards.


Lite-Brights I am sure almost every 90's kid owned. It was a box where it lit up and you would put some type of picture down on it. You then had to take these small plastic colors and match them with the colors on the picture. It then created this lit up picture. This is still one fo the super cool toys of my childhood.

Push Ups Ice Cream

For some reason, the push ups ice cream reminds me of the '90s. These ice creams were cool because they caused less mess because you would just push up the ice cream as you ate it not letting any spill.

Mighty Beanz

Mighty Beanz was a super random toy of the '90s. They looked like beans and had faces all on them. You could collect a bunch of them and then throw them around and they would roll around. They were random but super fun to collect.

3D Go Snacks (Doritos, Cheetos, Funyuns)

These snacks came in a small container and they came in snacks like Doritos, Cheetos, and Funyuns. They basically were smaller ball shape versions of these snacks that were easy on the go. I remember eating these as a kid going to the pool or beach.

Robotic Dogs

The robotic dog toy was a legit robotic dog. It would bark and sit and came with a bone. It seems weird now but back in the 90's it was so cool to have.

Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

I remember chewing this gum growing up. I would end up unrolling the whole thing of gum and finishing it in like one sitting. Half the enjoyment of this gum was unrolling it and breaking pieces off. Defiantly a 90's candy icon.

Hit Clips

Hit clips were a little radio type device that you had these disks hanging from it each with a different song. You could then plug one in to place whatever song you want. The days before phones this was the coolest thing to own growing up.

Easy Bake Oven

I still do not how the food cooked in an easy bake oven was considered edible but they were. getting to cook in my easy bake oven was always so fun and exciting and super easy. A true 90's memory that is for sure.


Neopets was one of the main internet website games I went on as a kid. I remember getting to pick out which Neopet I wanted to be and then getting to play all sorts of games with my Neopets.


As a kid when my parents said we could pick a movie out at Blockbuster it was always so exciting. I can still picture myself walking down the rows of movies finding the perfect one. Before the days of streaming services and Red Boxes, this was one fo the few ways to watch tour favorite movies. Blockbuster will always be one of my favorite memories as a kid.

Shrinky Dinks

Growing up I loved making Shrinky Dinks. For those who do not know or remember what these are these were these paper things that you drew on with a sharpie. Then after you drew something you would pop it into the oven and they would shrink to a small size and then you could make keychains and earrings. It was always fun as a kid to watch them shrink up in the oven.

Game Boy 

I grew up playing games on a Game Boy. Before the days of a DS, this was the handheld game of the decade. Being able to use it on car road trips without needing a whole gaming system was amazing.

90's Fashion

Since a lot of 90's fashion is coming back I felt like this needed to be the last on the list. 90's fashion made up of scrunchies, mom jeans and its bright, bright colors will always be iconic. It takes me back to being a kid and that is probably why I like so many others love the fashion so much that we are trying to bring a lot of it back.

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