'90s Kids Bringing Back the '90s

'90s Kids Bringing Back the '90s

We were proud to be born in the '90s and have made it our mission to keep our trends alive. From bucket hats to crop tops, our generation has done their job right.

The current generation of college students are '90s born and raised and have made it their mission to carry the style of their birth generation with them to their college years. We were lucky enough to have our formative years influenced by legends like Britney Spears, MC Hammer and the Olsen Twins. Some of our moms long ago donated their high-waisted jeans and crop tops to Goodwill, but looking around campus, a tailgate or the bar today you can see plenty of our peers keeping the '90s alive and well.

1. Crop Tops 
Britney did it first... and again. Most girls have had that night where the only thing we NEED is to rock a crop top, and so we do a time or two or eleven. Turtle neck or not, take a look around at your next party and you are guaranteed to spot a girl keeping this '90s trend alive.

2. Flannel
The go-to piece for lumberjacks, Cory Matthews and sorority girls on Hayride: the flannel plays a vital role in almost any college guy or girl's wardrobe at some point. "Boy Meets World" taught us a lot of lessons but "How to Rock a Flannel" was by far the most influential. 

3. Bucket Hat
We owe a big thanks to Christina Aguilera for debuting the bucket hat (and crop top) in all white, but an even bigger thank you to our fraternity men for keeping the bucket hat trend alive. You might look like you're on your way to fly fish but at least you're trendy. Good work, boys.

4. Overalls
Not just for farmers or Michelle Tanner, overalls are back and better than ever. Rocking overalls is a risky move but when done right, or done by the right person, overalls can make an outfit. 

5. Temporary Tattoos
The sought after gift after a rough trip to the dentist's office and the thing your mom made you scrub off after a sleepover is making a comeback this year. Flash Tattoos, a brand of metallic temporary tattoos, were everywhere from Coachella to Big Ten tailgates this year. The metallic tattoos can be worn to look like jewelry or like an actual tattoo and come off easily with a little coconut oil or lotion.

6. Grunge
In the early 2000s we might have called this look "emo" but in the '90s, they called it grunge, and that's what we're doing again today. The '90s were all about leather jackets, dark lipstick and dirty hair. Walk into any commercial store and you'll be able to find an attempt at bringing grunge back. Even more, the grunge look has crossed generational lines from older celebrities like Drew Barrymore to up and coming artists like Lorde.

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What I'm Looking Forward To Over Spring Break

The necessities of spring break are real.

As spring break is just around the corner, Delaware students have spring fever people would say. With University of Delaware's long two month winter break, you don't think we would be ready and excited for Spring break? Well, that's definitely a false statement.

We all fantasize that college is just a time in our lives where we can be as careless as could be, having no responsibilities. Unfortunately, that's fake news, and this is what spring break is for: a detox from the stresses of college. Every college student I know dreams of spring break. When you think of spring break, you think warm. What's more ideal than a trip to Cancun? Pretty much nothing.

Getting through classes and midterms is definitely a struggle for the entire campus. Lazy is an understatement. Too lazy to do homework, study for an exam, and simply walk to the famous Morris Library.

My spring break might not live up to it's title, but personally, I am very much looking forward to spring break for a few reasons:

1. Catch up on my sleep

The average person is supposed to get a solid eight hours of sleep. Do us college students ever get that? Definitely not. Do we need it? Certainly. Over spring break, catching up on my sleep will be my number one priority. Especially since UDel's break doesn't line up with other universities, all of my friends will be back to their assigned colleges. That means SLEEP ALL DAY!

2. Rejuvenate

I seriously don't remember the last time I was healthy this semester. After the first week of classes, I got the flu. My case was not nearly as severe as my friends, but I was definitely still very run down. Directly after that, I obtained pink eye. Luckily for me, after two days that spread to my other eye resulting in double pink eye for over a week. If you think I'm done, then you're wrong, yet again. When that was finally over, I immediately got sick again with bronchitis or some illness pertaining to that. After a week of more antibiotics, I still feel ill. My luck though, right?

3. Go spring skiing

If you know me, you know I have an addiction to skiing. Although I'm not going to be on a tropical island tanning on a beach, spring skiing is a close second. Spring skiing entails no heavy undergarments and fluffier snow. I don't just enjoy this sport, it's also another way to stay in shape. 10/10 recommend.

4. Work out & eat healthy

Don't get me wrong. It is our choice to lead healthy and productive life styles at school. However, being a second semester sophomore, I know that it's very hard to accomplish those tasks when our minds are focused on school and extracurricular activities. For the most part, we don't have the time for the gym or make healthy foods. This is why spring break is essential to get back on this grind.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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7 Things To Do Over Spring Break When You're On A Budget

Just because you're broke, doesn't mean you can't have fun.

Spring break. It's like a haven after a brutal week of midterms. After the acceptance of either aceing all of your exams or horribly failing all of the exams, spring break is the time to give yourself a break physically and mentally. It's time to relax, and here are 7 ways to chill out over spring break if you are not traveling anywhere and just staying at home and trying to save money.

1. Spa day

It's spring break and you're tired. A DIY spa day at home with your friends is a great way to just chill out and have fun.

2. Binge watch Netflix

I mean if you're like me, you're already doing that. But now, you can watch without any stress of studying.

3. Go exploring by a nearby city and have a photo session

I love a good photo session and road trip to nearby city, espeicaally when you're on a budget. Just walking around the city and exploring things is such a good stress reliver and a fun time when you just want to hang with friends who are also on a budget and would love to have a photo session to remember the good times.

4. Honestly, grab a book and read

I love reading and with my busy schedule in college, I would do anything to just read and relax at my local coffee shop with a nice Iced Carmel Macchiato.

5. Visit your friends from different schools

Spring break is a weird time because you are not able to meet up with your high school friends because you all have different spring breaks. Meeting up with your friends at their schools not only means you can have, but you can also save money because if you have good and friends, you probably won't need to.

6. Go visit your high school

I know some of you are thinking, "Are you crazy? I barely left." I agree. I hated high school, but I do miss some of my younger friends and my teachers. Catching up with them would be great. Please, if you have the opportunity, visit your teachers.

7. Sleep

After a long week of stressing and studying for midterms, you need sleep. You deserve it.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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