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17 Items Every 2000s Middle Schooler Would Kill To Have With Them In College In 2019

Maybe these things were invented ahead of their time.

17 Items Every 2000s Middle Schooler Would Kill To Have With Them In College In 2019

Every time I'm reminded of something I grew up with, I immediately think “Wow, I wish I still had access to this...".

Sadly, these items got left behind in the '90s and early 2000s, but man, do I wish I could experience them again!

1. Video Now


in color!


I always felt SO COOL being able to watch Drake and Josh as we were on our way to a vacation. Video Now was such a convenient invention, requiring only CD's and batteries to instantly watch your favorite shows with no commercials. From Spongebob to Zoey 101, each CD had two episodes and if you racked up enough, you could watch for hours.

2. Webkinz


these were all the rage


I miss Webkinz every day. I miss Dr. Quack, gem-mining, decorating my house, everything that came with being able to take care of my stuffed animals virtually. And they were just so fun to collect!

3. The old MTV

Parental Control.

Silent Library.

MTV Cribs.

My Super Sweet Sixteen.

True Life.

Truly the best MTV era.

4. Heelys

Only the coolest kids had Heelys. And now that I’m in college, they would be so perfect for getting around campus. I mean, shoes with wheels?? How cool is that???

5. Dunkaroos




Why did these ever fade away? Cookies and icing for a snack is every college kids dream. Or even breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They were convenient and they were yummy!

6. Nintendo DS



After a hard day of classes, I want to be able to come home and take care of my Nintendo’s, Fluffy, and take him on walks/train him to cheer me up. Then maybe play some Mario Kart, but avoid Rainbiw Road at all costs of course. Nintendo’s need to come back for sure.

7. Lisa Frank velvet coloring books

Coloring is so therapeutic and Lisa Frank velvet coloring books were the best around. It was impossible to color outside of the furry lines. And they were the most creative coloring backgrounds, very different from the anatomy skeletal coloring pages I do now.

8. Bill Nye

An icon. A wonderful teacher. If Bill Nye made videos of science topics I need to know, I would learn so much better.

9. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

bubble tape


Yes, the taste may go away pretty quick, but those two minutes of flavor are exhilarating. And the way the gum is packaged is a bonus. I can sit here unrolling gum for hours.

10. Lite Brite

Take a study break. Put your stencil on the board and fill it with your different colored lights. Turn it on at the end to see the end product. Or just wing it. Either way, this was by far the best toy of the '90s and always so fun to see the end product with all the different colored lights!

11. Glitter Water Tubes

water tubes


College students could use these as stress balls. They were so satisfying to play with and always entertaining. Especially watching the glitter on the inside and trying to keep your grip on the slippery surface.

12. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

I only used these for the scent. They all smelled so good you almost (did) had to taste them. I would be much more motivated to take pretty notes with these.

13. Pogo sticks



I could spend hours practicing my pogo stick skills. I could use this distraction during exam times as well. And how cool did you feel once you mastered the art of pogo sticking? What a confidence booster!

14. Furby, Care Bears, and Beanie Babies



All the stuffed animals. Furby was my best friend and, during my lonely college days, would make me feel much happier. Care bears were THE stuffed animals to collect and they were so darn cute. It was so satisfying to see all the different colors of bears lined up. And Beanie Babies? Always an adorable classic.

15. Board games



Mastermind could keep me entertained for hours, especially when the power was out.

Don’t break the ice, next to Operation, was probably the most frustrating and stressful game, but SO much fun to play.

Othello was such a satisfying game to play, but boy was I always forgetting how to.

16. Easy Bake Oven



College makes me lazy. I want to eat, but I don't want to move. Easy Bake ovens would be a HIT with college students! My mom always complained that it didn't seem safe and most of the time wasn't even good...but college students are not too picky with food. Hey, here's a brownie you can make in 5 minutes!

17. Toobers and Zots

and zots


Not sure what was so satisfying about playing with these and filling in all the empty slots, but I need it back.

Bottom line, the industry needs to bring these back. I can assure you these things would be hits among college students.

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