When someone you’ve grown so accustomed to and see every day, decides to randomly go live over 4,000 of miles away from you for a few months, it SUCKS. I, for one, have a best friend(s) that is currently sipping (chugging) wine in Italy.

Thankfully, there are many ways to still be able to communicate and to make sure I don’t have to pull a Liam Neeson on anyone.

1. FaceTime Once A Week Or Day

If you don’t have an iPhone, there are other ways to see their face via the Internet, but getting to see them and knowing that they are having the literal time of their lives will be comforting on both ends. (Even though I wish I was with you)

2. Send Them Mail

Send them a care package full of sh*t you know they will enjoy, such as pictures of you guys, food, and other items that will bring them comfort in knowing that even though they aren’t in your country, you’re still thinking about them.

3. Distract Yourself

Still do your own thing from studying to going out just because your go-to person isn’t there, but maybe reassure them that you wish they were here, and when they get back they can make-up for all the lost time.

4. Cry Obnoxiously

I haven’t done this just yet, but this might help release some minor depression from the fact that you’re not riding on a gondola and roaming the streets of Italy with your person.

5. Make A Countdown

Mark down the days and find happiness in knowing that there is only 53 days until they are back in your country.

6. Plan A Trip To Visit Them

If you have a passport and are financially able to fly to your best friend, DO IT. Sadly, I have not had the chance, but highly recommend using this as an excuse to travel the world and also see your pal.

7. Plan A Trip To Return With Them

If you are like me, and not given the opportunity to go see them right now, make future plans to go back one day with them. Make an itinerary from sight-seeing and bar hopping starting now even though you probably won’t go back together for a very long time.

8. Appreciate Time Apart

You miss the hell out of them, and having them be gone for that long just makes you realize how much you really NEED them in your life, from the littlest things like rides to class or asking them what show to start on Netflix.

9. Don’t Watch Scary Movies/Documentaries About Traveling

AKA I suggest not watching the movie Taken or the Amanda Knox Documentary on Netflix because then you will think that they are in potential danger, and have a mini freak out.

Just know that they are getting the BEST experience of their lives, and soon you all shall be reunited and making the usual bad decisions in your home country.