9 Things We Loved From "Beauty And The Beast"

I realize that I might be the last person to be seeing the new version of "Beauty and the Beast," but I finally did it. And it was amazing, and definitely lived up to all the hype. Though I hope no one went into the movie without first seeing the original, I know that those of us who know and love the cartoon were both pleased and surprised by the live version. So, here's a quick run-through to relive the emotions of a Disney-lover watching the new "Beauty and the Beast."


If you didn't immediately swoon upon seeing the set of the village, you weren't paying close enough attention.

2. This animation is next level.

This sort of goes along with #1, but the enchanted castle, the antiques and the beast were all so real and beautiful, it seems like this is what the original animators were imagining.

3. The Gaston song is perfection.

LeFou trying to spell Gaston's name and briefly explaining that he can't because he's illiterate, the understanding of the characters singing that this song is incredibly long, and despite the changes Gaston still boasts about using antlers in all of his decoratiiiing... No one's extra like Gaston! (If you didn't sing that in your head please reread that last line.)

4. This backstory was what we needed.

The travel-book was a magical addition to the plot, and we finally get to find out how Belle's mother died, as well as get another image of a single rose with the pen that Belle brings back for her father (which is what Belle asks for from her father as a gift, as well as what holds the castle in suspension... as an English major I have to love the repetition).

5. This library is everything.

The library, not to mention the couple's adorable bookish banter, was one of the absolute best parts of the movie. (Their discussion about "Romeo and Juliet," the Beast reading poetry aloud and realizing it corresponds with his life, the Beast acting as Belle's own personal bookshelf... need I go on?)

6. The dance.

I'm fine. Everything's fine. (I'm not fine.)

7. The Beast's song is so emotional.

I started crying a little somewhere around the time they traveled to Paris, but this was the killer. Though, I'm not sure if I'm a good measure for movie crying. I cried in "Frozen." So, you know, take it to scale.

8. The second bullet the Beast took.

Gaston went for the pistol in his fight against the Beast, and even though we've all seen the movie and I knew Gaston wasn't gone yet, that second bullet we didn't see coming still made me jump.

9. The last scene was just the best thing ever.

Our couple is together, and all the antiques are now in human form and the end of this movie is the embodiment of "happily ever after." What more could Disney fans ask for?

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