9 Reasons Why Wake County Odyssey Loves What They Do
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9 Reasons Why Wake County Odyssey Loves What They Do

Also known as 9 reasons why you should join us!

9 Reasons Why Wake County Odyssey Loves What They Do

I've been a content creator for Odyssey for over a year and Editor in Chief for almost half. I love what I do and I love my team, who also loves what they do!

1. “I like that it’s a cool outlet for my brain. I think that people should join Odyssey because it’s a great tool for enhancing your writing skills and it’s a resume builder.” Content Creator Lucas Kozeniesky

2. “Being able to improve my writing and express how I really feel (which is hard for me to do in a conversation) are some of the reasons I love Odyssey.” Content Creator Lorna Johnson

3. “[I like that] I get to do a wide variety of writing here.” Content Creator Robin Gruendl

4. “My favorite part is being able to have a platform to express my views publicly! As a minor, there are limited ways I can share my opinion and I actually be listened to, and I really appreciate Odyssey offering a way for teenagers and young people to speak up on issues that matter to us!” Content Creator Jillian Ward

5. “My favorite part is the resume boost! I get to have products to show during job interviews and my name is on the Internet which is good!” Social Media Director Savannah Little

6. “[I like] that it creates friendship and brings old friends together.” Secretary Carey Shook

7. “[I like] getting to express myself through writing and the family dynamic that we all have.” Content Creator Rachel Smith

8. “[I like] getting to work with my best friend all the time while also forming new friendships, being able to express my opinions in my writing while also starting a conversation with those who read my articles, and honing my writing ability.” Content Creator Shannon Kerns

9. “I love that I get to know so many different people that outside of Odyssey I might never get the chance to. I enjoy getting to see all the hard work that the team puts into their pieces pay off. Our team is a family, it’s wild and fun. People should join Odyssey so that they can have their voice heard and meet new people.” Editor-in-Chief Blair Gruendl

If these reasons were convincing enough for you and you want to join us click here and select the Wake County, North Carolina community!

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