As I sit here and write you this article that should’ve been done already, I’m going to tell you all the benefits that come from being a procrastinator. So, stop working on that homework assignment and read this.

1. It Motivates You

Believe it or not, this actually gives you self-drive towards the end of the deadline to actually do the work. I like to think working under pressure is a good thing.

2. More Free Time

While you’re not working on that 10-page essay, you can hang out with your friends, catch up on that Netflix show, or even read a new book.

3. You’re Not Working Too Hard

Procrastinating gives you a chance to rest and relax for a short time period. You don’t constantly have to be on-the-go or doing something, that could take a toll on someone. Chill dude.

4. Get Other Tasks Completed

If that one thing you need to do isn’t #1 on your to-do list, prioritize and work on different stuff like eating pizza or going shopping. You know, better things.

5. Makes You Feel Better

Because who wants to actually be doing something they don’t want to do? For example, not doing my STATS homework makes me happy, while working on it gives me anxiety.

6. You Realize What’s Important

You value what really matters to you, and can practice some self-care.

7. Clears Your Mind

You can think about more happier thoughts, instead of stressing over your huge workload that you should be doing.

8. Create Better Results

This gives you a longer stretch to think about the task you're going to do and make the outcome better.

9. Forces You To Focus

In the end, procrastinating makes you have to do your work eventually and makes you concentrate on what’s in front you to meet the deadline.

So, if anyone ever tells you that you are lazy, or you never get your sh*t together, show them this article. None of the above is scientifically proven, but from my perspective of being a procrastinator, it’s always worked for me. Don’t be afraid to submit that paper at 11:59 a.m. when it’s due at 12 p.m.