If you are anything like me, The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries II: Royal Engagement are two of your favorite movies of all time. I have seen them both countless times, and I honestly feel like I love them more every time I watch them. Each time I watch them though, one question always comes to my mind—why isn’t Genovia a real place?—I know I would want to visit there! Here are ten reasons why Genovia should be a real place:

1) Queen Clarisse

She's literally perfect.

2) Pear-Flavored Popcorn

3) Women are now allowed to rule without spouses . . .

. . . thanks to Princess Mia!

4) Mattress Surfing

There has never been something I have wanted to try more.

5) Royal parades where *everyone* can be a princess

6) They have one of the best national anthems around

7) “King Rupert may he rest in peace.”

8) Joe

Seriously, who doesn’t love him?

9) Fat Louie and Maurice