1. Any of the "Halloweentown" movies.

As many of us have just discovered, Halloweentown does exist. Unfortunately, the Halloweentown-esque town is located in St. Helens, Oregon, where parts of the film were actually shot. If only we could just hop on our broomsticks and fly there!

2. "Twitches" or "Twitches Too."

Let's be real: we all desperately wanted to have all the magic abilities that Alex and Cameron did while we growing up. Having the ability to travel to other dimensions and disappear from life's responsibilities whenever you wanted -- who wouldn't want to take advantage of that? And, not to mention, we could totally play all the pranks on our siblings we've always wanted to do.

3. "Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire."

This movie is both a comedy and a "scary" film, but an overall good, classic Disney Halloween movie. Props to Taylor for figuring out that his mother's date was basically a psychopath and almost killed her. Thank god badass vampire hunter, Robert Carradine ( aka Lizzie McGuire's dad), was there to save the day, or else this entire movie could have ended horribly.

4. "Phantom of the Megaplex."

I almost think of this movie as a PG version of "Scream." All of the pranks that the man in the hoodie played wasn't all that scary, but it still kind of spooks you a little.

5. "Don't Look Under the Bed."

OK, now this movie STILL scares me to this day. This is one of the most iconic originals, as it actually is a pretty creepy and scary movie. Not knowing whether or not you could have the boogeyman crawl out from under your bed and drag you into his world is a little frightening, if you ask me.

6. "Hocus Pocus."

This one is obvious. This is a movie that you HAVE to watch on Halloween. There isn't a Halloween without the Sanderson sisters.

7. "The Scream Team."

This one is definitely an old school Disney movie. Released in 2002, the film depicts what it's like for ghosts living in the human world trying to move over to the other side. The film stars a young Kat Dennings and Kathy Najimy (one of the Sanderson sisters). An oldie, but definitely a feel-good Halloween movie.

8. "Underwraps."

This film is an oldie as well, but hands down one of the best Disney classics out there. Released in 1997 (I told you it was in oldie), the film follows three kids and a mummy who has accidentally been brought to life. The kids end up befriended the mummy and form an innate relationship with him. They must return him to his sarcophagus before he ceases to exist, all while saving him from bad people who want to sell the mummy.

9. "The Haunted Mansion."

This movie will always gives me all the spooky feels and bring back many memories from my childhood. I mean, just pulling up to the house I probably would have convinced my parents to turn around immediately, but it all ended well... for the most part.