Everybody knows that summer and Christmas are the best seasons for new movie releases. As Christmas break is coming up quickly, here is a look at the most intriguing movies coming out this December.

1. La La Land

Coming to theaters December 9, "La La Land" already looks like an award-winner. With the combination of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, this movie is bound to be successful. Stone plays an aspiring actress that falls in love with a jazz pianist played by Gosling. This movie seems like the musical experience that everybody needs in their lives right now.

2. Collateral Beauty

"Collateral Beauty," releasing December 16, already looks like enough to make me cry. The premise is kind of hard to explain in a few sentences, so I highly suggest watching the trailer. Who doesn't want to see a movie with Will Smith anyway?

3. Rogue One

"Rogue One" is a Star Wars story that takes you back to stealing the Death Star. While it is not a Star Wars episode, it is one of several Star Wars stories to come in between the new Star Wars episode installments. I'm sure all the Star Wars lovers out there have already purchased their tickets.

4. The Space Between Us

Cheesy? Yes. Unrealistic? Also yes. But "The Space Between Us" definitely looks heartwarming. The first child born on Mars comes to Earth, having other-worldly experiences and falling in love with a girl from Earth played by up-and-coming actor Britt Robertson. I realize it seems stupid, but watch the trailer and you might think otherwise.

5. Passengers

"Passengers" hits theaters right before Christmas, on December 23. Another movie involving space and humans on another planet, "Passengers" is also a bit hard to explain in a few sentences. I highly recommend watching the trailer if you have not already seen it. Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence should be enough to convince you.

6. Sing

I already know this movie is not for everyone, but for all the fans of "Zootopia" this movie is probably for you. On top of being incredibly star-studded, "Sing" just looks like an adorable animated movie full of applicable life lessons and a lot of talent.

7. Why Him?

Also not for everybody, "Why Him?" stars James Franco playing the rich, tattooed boyfriend meeting his girlfriend's parents, and of course not getting along with his girlfriend's father. If you need a good laugh, I'm pretty sure this movie will provide that for you.

8. Hidden Figures

Based on a true story, "Hidden Figures" is about three African-American women who work for NASA at the time of 1969 Apollo 11 flight to the moon. Being both African-American and women, they are rarely given the credit or attention they deserve as brilliant mathematicians. It truly looks like an amazing biographical movie.

9. Fences

This movie trailer is almost too intense to try and describe by myself. You know with Viola Davis and Denzel Washington this movie is going to be fantastic. Watch the trailer for yourself, and you'll understand why this is a must-see movie.

As you can see, there are plenty of fantastic movies coming out in the next four weeks. I highly recommend seeing at least one of these, as I'm predicting they'll be highly talked about.