9 Movies To Watch When School Is Kicking Your Ass
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9 Movies To Watch When School Is Kicking Your Ass

As if you need any other means of procrastination

9 Movies To Watch When School Is Kicking Your Ass

So, Thanksgiving is over and you can no longer live in denial about the impending doom that is finals. You can’t pretend grades don’t exist, and thinking about all the material you don’t know can’t be avoided anymore. What is life?

Well, I’ve got a temporary solution for you. Life may seem bleak and the semester may seem hopeless, but here are X movies to momentarily delude yourself into thinking everything’s going to be okay, before you have to lock yourself away to get crack-a-lackin on those books:

1. The Princess Diaries

It’s very important to remind yourself of the possibility that you may be the ruling party of some nation out there. Just be patient: your people are out there looking for you, they will find you, and they will return you to the kingdom. Don’t lose hope, they’re coming.

2. The Prince & Me

Or second best, if you can’t be royalty yourself, find yourself a royal bae. He can whisk you away and you can forget about the peasantry of finals entirely. Please hurry, though. It would be ideal to be crowned Queen before finals begin.

3. How to Train Your Dragon

The reality is, you may not make it out of finals unscathed. But, like Hiccup, you’ll survive with most of your body in tact. (Your dignity is a whole other issue.) It won’t be the end of the world. But tbh, I would be willing to hash out a deal to trade an extremity for an A on a final...

4. Bridget Jones’ Diary

Even though life can get the better of you, and you may embarrass yourself on the reg, someone(s) out there will still appreciate you. There is hope. As an added bonus, you work on your ugly crying and British accent skills — bonus!

5. Cast Away

You are not alone. Like Tom Hanks had Wilson, you have the entire population of college students. If we stand together and survive this oppression, maybe someone will come to our rescue. Also, always remember, it could be worse — you could be stuck on a deserted island, left alone with only the voices in your head to keep you company

6. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

You’ll get some solid, quality laughs out of this one. You can forget about everything for a while and just think of the truest struggle out there — finding an illustrious White Castle. Finals’ week will just be an extended struggle of the same kind, and maybe the end will be just as delicious of a success.

7. Something Borrowed

Mostly because of that excellent Salt-N-Pepa dance routine. It’ll be a great alternative study break when your tears are dried up and you have none left to cry — just rehearse, get it down-pat, and dance it out when you need a break.

8. Inception

Maybe all this is just some horrible dream, and any second now, your kick will come and you’ll wake up in the real world, where there aren’t cruel and unusual punishments in the form of finals. And maybe Leo will be there... hehe.

9. Eat Pray Love

Unfortunately, we can’t all hop on a plane to enjoy fine Italian cuisine, find inner peace at an ashram, and magically find love along the way. What we can do is literally eat, pray, and love — eat your stress away, pray for passing grades, and don’t forget to love yourself no matter what happens.

You should probably go do some work now.

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