9 Best Free Online Magazines Perfect For Creative Inspiration
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9 Best Free Online Magazines Perfect For Creative Inspiration

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9 Best Free Online Magazines Perfect For Creative Inspiration
Anna Demianenko

If you're like me, your creativity is fed by artwork of all types: photography, creative writing, illustration, personal experiences, and more. Over the past year, I've become increasingly interested in magazines, specifically online ones where I can read many different publications in a matter of minutes. If you're in need of some inspiration, check out these outlets:

1. Mad Sounds

Mad Sounds is the perfect publication to get inspired by young creators. The individuals being highlighted have trail-blazed in one way or another, and have created a name for themselves through hard work and creativity. I specifically love the photography of this publication and the unique portraits of models through the use of color and lighting. They recently featured Devon Carlson, creator of Wildflower phone cases and fashion icon, and the magazine shown below features Meredith Foster, YouTube personality and hair goals.

2. Atlas Magazine

Atlas has mastered the skill of remaining true to its image while still pushing boundaries. Through the use of themes and globetrotting tendencies, the publication takes you around the world by showcasing photography tied to a message, spanning from "femininity" to "realization." Although heavily supplied by photographers, the magazine still brings in writers through explanations and articles.

3. Local Wolves

Local Wolves was one of the very first online publications I really ever followed. Ever since high school, I still regularly check their page to see the new magazines and a stark reminder of familiarity. Showcasing young voices, LW allows these writers to collaborate with photographers and illustrators to make their ideas pop on paper and screen. Not to mention, the publication accepts submissions so other creators can send in their work for a chance to be featured. You can have the perks of getting published without the commitment of being a consistent contributor, so be sure to try your hand at the system!

4. Wander

Although Wander started 2 years ago and also ceased publication after three issues, it's still nice to refer to the magazine for its creativity. By highlighting interesting artists who thrive on pushing boundaries, the publication was tied together with the words of writers and color splashes of photographers. Its urban feel brings you to the inner city and amplifies the heart all these people pour onto the pages. Although it was a one-woman-show, Wander showed how one girl's dream can be made a reality.

5. Nude.

This magazine takes aesthetic to the next level. Nude incorporates creatives on all levels: photographers, actresses, stylists, makeup artists, surfers, tattoo artists, comedians, hair stylists, painters, musicians, DJ's, actors, skateboarders, models, designers, and you (as said in their description). By including so many people, the magazine incorporates visions far-exceeding expectations. In their latest issue, they featured Paul Klein, front singer of LANY and LA heart throb.

6. 1340 Art Magazine

If you're an art enthusiast, 1340 Art Magazine is the publication for you. With colors that span the spectrum and unmatched concepts, this magazine will bring you ideas and topics that can be brought to other mediums of art, especially for writers. This publication doesn't fear boundaries and embraces creativity. If the artwork shown in the magazines were put in a musuem, I don't think I'd ever leave.

7. Kanto

Kanto highlights places, activities, people and design concepts, matched with explanations and visuals. The discrete aspects are not only shown but explained for so you can gain a deeper appreciation than that of which you noticed at first glance. Although visuals are a driving factor of this magazine, the writing is sharp and smart with its encouraging language.

8. Oh Comely

Oh Comely is short and sweet yet packed with intensity. Through fashion and design, the publication ties in artistic design and bright colors. The most recent issue feels like something that came out of Hayley Williams' mind with the use of primary colors and retro textures and objects. If you are inspired by people and ideas, this publication is for you.

9. Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz provides art and culture to those who need more creativity in their life. This publication is much more alternative in style and provides some of the best, most attainable fashion inspiration. The recent issue pictured below has some of the most beautiful murals and art pieces that I would die to get painted on my walls if I could. Also, the Rebecca Louise Law's "Painting On Air" is quite possibly my favorite section in the magazine.

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