9 Healthy Habits That Motivate My Personal And Work Life
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9 Healthy Habits That Motivate My Personal And Work Life

Working and being in school can be a lot to handle.

9 Healthy Habits That Motivate My Personal And Work Life
Christine O'Malley

Working and being in school can be a lot to handle.

It's easy to get distracted, unmotivated, and unorganized. On top of that, as humans, we are always trying to better our overall selves. We are constantly growing and finding new ways to become more efficient. On the journey to finding a balance to this crazy thing we call life, I have a few established habits that I keep in place for my day to day life so that I don't lose focus on my one big goal: happiness.

My happiness involves a lot of things, such as a successful career, healthy relationships with my friends and family, and peace with my mind and body. Here are a few things that I do to maintain, and grow my day to day lifestyle.

Speaking things into existence 


Saying things like "I can't do it" or "I give up" will discourage you. The idea of speaking things into existence is that when you're saying things out loud the universe hears you. I know this sounds crazy. When my friend first told me about this idea I actually rolled my eyes. Since then, he has forced me to speak things into existence. When I say "I'm not smart enough to do that" he yells at me and makes me say "I can do this". As cheesy as it sounds. saying it out loud gets me pumped up enough to believe that I truly can do it. Even if it is just psychological, it works.

Move around


Like many, some days I have to sit at my desk and work for several hours. When I find myself on a day that I don't have time to go for a walk or go from place to place, I make sure I am at least still moving around. From acts like cleaning the kitchen, and vacuuming to make sure I am getting up every half-hour even if it's just to grab a glass of water. Moving around will refresh your brain from whatever you're doing and make sure you are still getting in minimal exercise.

Keep a planner


This is SO important. Check your planner at least every morning and night to make sure you have what you need to have done. This way you will never be behind on deadlines. You will never forget an assignment or business call. It will also help you become less stress because you don't have to constantly remind yourself of these things in efforts to not forget. You can rely on your planner to do that for you.

Stay connected


Engage with your friends and family. As humans, we need interaction. Even the biggest introverts need at least one person to confide in. Having emotional support and simply just someone to talk to, plays a big role in your metal health. These people in your life can also give different perspectives into your life if you are ever having issues.

Catch some fresh air


Go for a walk! Have you ever been in class or work for so long you actually feel like you're suffocating? Then the moment you get outside you suddenly feel inspired? Fresh air does wonders. Making sure you are getting enough fresh air throughout the day to feel good.

Be proactive


Do. not. wait. until. the. last. second. to. do. things. Just don't. If you do, you probably wont put your very best effort forward. If you're planning a trip, odds are you are going to forget things. If you have a busy schedule, by puttings things off you might wait until the last second to do things that you wont ever get the chance to do it again.

Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier


30 minutes is manageable. It's not a huge amount of time, and in the morning you will be so grateful you did. Our bodies NEED sleep. Without it, we aren't functional. Sleep clears our minds, and refreshes us for the upcoming day.

Be on time


Whenever you're going, be on time. Even if it's just meeting a friend for lunch. Running around late is always the worst feeling, especially when you could have avoided it. Why set yourself up for stress? Also, walking into work or class late doesn't look good. Being on time is a habit that everyone can benefit from.

Put the technology away


Detox yourself from the tech life. As a student and having a job that requires me to be on social media, surfing the web can get out of hand. Being connected to your device at every second of the day is not healthy. You need to put it away to bring yourself back to the reality of now.

There are many habits that you can pick up to maintain and evolve your lifestyle. Hope this article can help you start thinking of your own habits! I recommend starting off with recognizing what you want out of your life and create your goals and habits around it.

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