8 Great Reasons to Go to Get Air Portland This Summer
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8 Great Reasons to Go to Get Air Portland This Summer

Got Air?

8 Great Reasons to Go to Get Air Portland This Summer
Jared Goulette

Like to jump? Want to get some great exercise with friends or family while having fun? Well, Get Air is the right place for you! Take it from someone who loves this place whole-heartedly; it doesn't get much better than this on a hot summer day! Below are eight reasons as to why you should take several trips to Get Air Portland this summer!

1. We've Got Air Conditioning!

Yes you've heard it right, and I couldn't be more happy about it! Too hot to do any activities outside? No worries at Get Air Portland! Yes that's right, the AC is now up and fully functioning! It went from boiling hot to cold as a popsicle just a couple weeks ago! There's no reason to worry about heat stroke, or dehydration being out in that smoldering summer heat. It's a great alternative when it's 90 degrees out in the middle of summer, trust me.

2. Great Exercice

In fact, according to springfit.org, a ten-minute jump is equivalent to a 30-minute jog and an hour of jumping burns about 1,000 calories! (You can close your mouth now). Springs actually take away the harsh impact of a normal road, giving your joints a little break from the pressure. Jumping increases your balance, oxygen capacity, and tones your muscles for that great summer bod! It's finally a form of exercise that's fun and effective at the same time! Kick out that boring treadmill or elliptical workout for some serious air!

3. Fun for the Whole Family

If there was any thought in your head that Get Air was just for kids, you're completely wrong! Get Air is for all ages, including grandma and grandpa! Bring the whole family along, it's always better to jump with good company. Of course, if a family member doesn't want to jump, there's always a place to sit and watch in relaxation, but I'll get to that next.

4. Message Chairs

Here's where we really get talking people! For those of you that don't want to jump, you're in luck. Get Air Portland has eight message chairs, yes they're as comfortable as they sound. As they do cost, it's not expensive and is for sure worth it. Close your eyes and enjoy an oasis message while your child gets some serious air.

5. The Punch Card

The punch card is a great way to save money and can be found right by the front desk... for free! The way the punch card works is quite simple; get your card punched nine times, and the tenth punch is a free jump! This is a great way to accumulate free jumps all summer, be sure to come on double punch Thursdays! The whole family can join in, not to mention college students on a tight budget!

6. Fun Activities

The trampolines are fun but the other activities in the park are really what makes it special. They've got you covered in the fun department. The feeling of the foam pits will put you on cloud nine, though getting out is the real workout here. The slack line will make you clench muscles you never thought you had, but once you cross it, you'll feel so much more accomplished than when you first walked in. Dodgeball will have you slamming the old school gym scene but with much softer dodge balls; no injuries here! Did I mention the hurricane simulator? This, my friends, is like being in a real hurricane, wind speeds up to 100 miles an hour in that machine! It's an intense experience that will really give you some thrill. Can't forget about the tower jump where you can plummet off a ledge onto an airbag, it's a thrill factor for sure! We've even got a space for the little ones, (under 46 inches), that provides an environment where there's no risk of older kids accidentally running into them, or double bouncing them into the next century. All jokes aside, they strive for a safe and healthy environment for everyone!

7. Last Sunday of the Month Mornings

Every last Sunday of the month from 8:30 to 9:30 Get Air Portland offers an event where families with children with developmental disabilities can jump for half the price of what everyone else pays! This includes immediate family members and/or their support person. This allows Get Air to cater to the needs of every jumper. Get Air Portland does a fantastic job in supporting your loved ones in every way they need, so jump on over!

8. The Staff

Get Air Portland has some seriously great staff members! I may be self-promoting myself in this, but I'm truly thankful for all my coworkers and how great they really are. You can't have a successful business without having a team that works together, and works together well. We were even recognized in 2015 as being "Party Animals" for having the most parties booked in the whole company! That really goes to show our ability to make the experience an above and beyond one.

Get Air Portland really does seem like the place to be this summer, especially for all the reasons listed above. So come in today and get some serious air! 921 Riverside St. Portland, ME... Be there or be square!

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