9 Gossip Girl Gifs To Describe Your Emotions During The End Of Spring Semester

We all know the dread that the end of the spring semester brings to students across the country. Everything becomes so hectic with school with finals, projects and last minute papers. Not only that but the weather continues to get better and better, or so it seems. The struggle is real when you walk outside and it's 80 degrees and you just have to turn your back on the pool, or a walk in the park. Spring is the time when we as students will find anything, I mean literally anything else to do besides school work.

When we're handed a last minute project.

Trying to walk away from the pool to go to class.

Being so buried in studying that you forget about life.

When you ace that test you studied hours and days for.

Finishing an exam but not being fully confident.

Telling yourself, I'll drop out and become a professional shopper.

When you thought you failed, but end up passing with flying colors.

The feeling you get when you're done for the summer!!!

Good luck to you and your studies for the end of this semester! Let the craziness begin.

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